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60 Day Reviews

If you read our 30-day review, you’d know that the act of maintaining, reviewing, and evaluating employee performance is a process. Like any other connection, agreement, or relationship, employee maintenance is a long-term management process that requires periodical review. 

The 60-day review is an opportunity for you to build off your previous review and to attain feedback from your employees on their experiences in your organization thus far. It’s also an opportunity to ensure that your employees, now two months into their role, are staying on task and meeting deadlines in a way that satisfies your expectations.

Below we’ll get into what a 60-day review is and how you can utilize key questions to help you retain your employees and enable them to thrive. 

What is a 60-day evaluation?

So what is a 60-day employee evaluation? While similar to the 30-day evaluation, you should have higher expectations of your employees at this point in their job cycle. 

The 60-day employee evaluation is an opportunity to touch base with new hires and to see if there are any additional challenges, concerns, or issues with anything related to their job responsibilities or time in the organization. This is also a chance to build off of what was previously discussed in the 30-day evaluation. Are employees still dealing with the same issues that they previously stated? Are they more or less satisfied with their time in the company?

These reviews are meant to be an opportunity for openness, honesty, and understanding, so it’s important to maintain a positive and empathetic attitude while going into the evaluation.

60-day review questions to ask your new hires

Below are some key 60-day review questions to ask your new hires. 

After two months, do you feel comfortable in your role now?

Employees should be getting the hang of things as they enter their second month of employment. This is a good question to gauge their level of comfort and to see how their answer responds with their productivity and capabilities.

Are all your expectations being met?

Accordingly, your employees should feel like their expectations are being met at this point in time. If there’s any disconnect between their expectations and the reality of the position, this would be a good time to discuss that. 

Are you satisfied with your time in the company?

Employee satisfaction is key for long-term growth and retention. If employees aren’t satisfied with their role at this point in their job cycle, some kind of strategy or course of action should be implemented. 

What challenges are you still facing?

If there are any new roadblocks or challenges, or if your employee is still dealing with the same challenges they expressed in their 30-day evaluation, this would be a great time to address those issues. 

Are there any resources you feel you don’t have access to?

Office tools, systems, and other support resources are there for your employees. You should be making sure that they have full access to these resources after two months in their role. 

Work environment, team members, and company culture

After two months, your new hire should feel well integrated into the company culture. If there are any red flags when it comes to the work environment, rapport with team members, or company culture, you should be working to address it right away. 

How do you feel about hitting your goals in the past 60 days? How can we help you hit your goals in the next 30 days?

This gives your employee the opportunity to assess their own work and performance, and it allows you to make adjustments to help them reach their goals. 

Like the 30-day evaluation, your 60-day evaluation is important if you’re going to maintain employee satisfaction and ensure a smooth transition for new hires. It’s important to do these regularly and to come in with a positive, understanding, and open attitude. 

How Crosschq can help with 60 day reviews

Retaining quality hires is like any other kind of relationship or connection, it needs to be periodically maintained and managed for long-term growth. If you want to ensure that your 60-day review goes well and that your employee is well-suited for their role, you need to utilize a robust reference check solution, like Crosschq.

Crosschq empowers hiring teams with on-demand reporting and analytics, retention predictions, detailed 360 reference check reporting, and a qualified talent pipeline. 

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