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Why You Should Be Focused on a Candidate-Driven Recruiting Process in 2022

Last year created unprecedented challenges for companies, especially when it came to hiring and retaining top talent. Current trends indicate that these challenges are likely to continue through 2022, so it is important to plan your workforce strategy accordingly. State-of-the-art AI recruitment and hiring technology streamline many aspects of recruitment, but it is also important to tailor your plan to meet the needs of a candidate-driven market.

In previous years, a plentiful workforce allowed recruiters and hiring managers to choose from a wide pool of qualified candidates. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, the Great Resignation, and the ongoing retirement of the baby boomer generation, recruiters have a much smaller range of qualified candidates to choose from, and competition is intense. 

Fortunately, advanced reference checking technology, such as Crosschq 360, can help you attract and retain high-quality candidates with a candidate-driven approach.

What Is Candidate-Driven Recruiting?

Whether you are a large enterprise, tech startup, or even a restaurant chain, your workforce has probably been impacted by the shift from an employer-driven to a candidate-driven market. 

With the right AI technology, you can easily withstand the market shift and even come out ahead of the competition. The big question for 2022 is how to leverage the latest AI technology to present candidates with an attractive job description and company overview. This is where a focus on candidate-driven recruiting can help. 

In a candidate-driven approach, recruiters and hiring managers actively seek quality candidates rather than passively sorting applications and resumes as they arrive. Desirable candidates in a candidate-driven market have many options to choose from, so recruiters must make the company attractive to future employees. 

High-quality candidates want to know that your company offers competitive benefits and compensation, that there are opportunities for growth, and that the job will be fulfilling. Since these factors look different for each candidate, you must tailor the job opportunity and company image to attract the right talent pool. 

AI technology, such as Crosschq 360, is an indispensable tool for developing the right job offers to attract high-performing employees. Crosschq 360 completes thorough reference checks so you can easily identify high-quality candidates through allowing you to make better hiring decisions. 

In addition, candidates complete a pre-hire survey, which gives your company critical insight with regard to candidate suitability. With this information, you can further tailor your recruitment strategy to ensure that you are attracting the right people for your business needs. 

Time Is of the Essence When Recruiting in a Candidate Driven Market

In candidate-driven recruiting, speed is critical. High-quality candidates are often recruited while still employed, and those who are actively seeking new roles will quickly be snapped up by competitors if you aren't quick. 

Crosschq 360's AI technology provides you with the extra boost you need to get to these candidates first. Rather than manually sorting through candidate resumes and references, you can leverage Crosschq's AI technology to speed the right candidates through the screening process and into the interview room.

AI technology further speeds the process with highly tailored screening methodology. While you don't want to narrow your choices too far, a highly tailored screening process can reduce the amount of time you spend sorting through candidates and push the choice candidates to the front of the queue. 

This improves the overall quality of your candidates, speeds the hiring process for top talent, and reduces the chances that your competitors will get to them first.

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Tailor your Recruitment in a Candidate Driven Market

In a candidate-driven market, highly skilled workers know their worth, and they aren't afraid to reject an offer that doesn't suit their career goals. That means providing competitive compensation and benefits, as well as a job description that is tailored to the needs and wants of the candidate. 

With Crosschq 360, you can glean critical information from potential and current employees in order to tailor your job descriptions, recruitment processes, job offers, and retention strategies to find and keep the best talent on the market. 

Although it may be tempting to take a shortcut with an old or standardized job description, high-quality candidates may be turned off by the lack of attention to detail. An offer that is tailored to your candidate's needs and career goals is much more likely to be accepted than a low offer or cookie-cutter job description. 

Leverage the data and algorithms in Crosschq 360 to gain critical insights into your candidate's career aspirations, so you can present a competitive and desirable job opportunity they can't pass up.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder When Recruiting in a Candidate Driven Market

Incorporating Crosschq 360 digital reference checks into the hiring process frees up valuable time for recruiters so they can get straight to the interview and vetting process and focus more time on high-quality candidates.

With less busywork on their hands, recruiters and hiring managers can take the time to reach more desirable candidates on a level that makes the candidates feel valued and heard. Interviews and job offers can be more easily tailored to each candidate, making your company a more attractive option in a sea of potential career moves. 

Boost Your Candidate-Driven Recruiting Strategy With Crosschq

To remain competitive in a changing labor market, candidate-driven recruitment is critical. Modify your recruitment strategy to draw top talent by incorporating Crosschq's state-of-the-art data analysis and AI technology. Obtain and analyze candidate data from reference checks, surveys, and performance reviews to successfully recruit a valuable team of top-tier professionals.

With Crosschq technology, you gain real-time insights to simplify your recruiting methods and remain competitive in a shifting employment market. Our cutting-edge Crosschq 360 talent acquisition software, Recruit candidate referral network, and data-driven Analytics will keep your HR, hiring, and leadership teams to shift your focus to candidate-driven recruiting strategies so that you can attract and retain superior talent in any market. 

To learn how Crosschq's data analysis and AI technology can support your candidate-driven recruitment, contact us today to schedule a demo.

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