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Coding Skills Assessment

Whether you’re hiring a web developer, software engineer, data analyst, network administrator, or another tech-focused role, there’s a good chance your new hire will need to be adept in coding. 

The good thing about coding assessments is that, like most hard skills, there will be wrong and right answers that you can objectively test for. You will know definitively whether candidates can manage the coding questions you throw at them, and you’ll be able to see how they approach each problem. 

Read on to learn more about using a coding skills assessment in your hiring process. 

What Is a Coding Skills Assessment 

Coding skills assessments are tests that companies use to evaluate candidates' programming skills and experiences. Coding assessments are usually timed skills tests that evaluate applicants’ knowledge of coding languages, software, technologies, frameworks, and problem-solving capabilities. You can employ various coding tests in your hiring processes based on the role you’re filling, the skills you’re seeking, and the software you’re working with. 

How to use coding skills assessments

We recommend using a code skill assessment directly after or before the first interview. You can use code skills assessments before the interview to screen large swaths of candidates with similar experiences, skill sets, and backgrounds. When used after the interview, coding assessments will help you confirm whether potential hires can produce the kind of work you need from them. Most of these tests are conducted in timed online settings, and plenty of third-party services offer coding skills assessments. 

Why you should use a coding skills assessment

Coding skills assessments are some of the most straightforward ways to screen candidates. Depending on the technical needs of the role you’re filling, you can learn relatively quickly whether or not a candidate has the skill set to succeed in the position. Coding skills tests are also easily customizable. You can integrate the specific languages, frameworks, technologies, and other components most relevant to your company’s specific needs. 

On top of that, you can ask the candidates to walk you through their thought process on how they tried to answer each problem. Even if they don’t get the answer right, they could demonstrate strong critical thinking skills in approaching a complex problem they’re unfamiliar with. Talking through the questions will also give you an idea of their interpersonal, communication, and other soft skills, which is essential if they’re expected to work in a team environment. 

What to Test for in Your Coding Skills Assessments

Depending on the languages you’re working with and the type of role you’re filling, there’s a wide range of things you can test for in your coding skills assessment. Here are just a few things you might test for in a coding skills assessment: 

  • General coding skills
  • JavaScript
  • Structured Query Language
  • Machine learning
  • Frameworks assessments (Django, Flask, etc.) 
  • Python
  • Smoke testing
  • Embedded systems test
  • Web accessibility services
  • GitHub assessments
  • Entry-level algorithms

If you’re unsure what to test for or how to integrate a skill assessment, check out our ultimate skills-based hiring guide.

Coding Skills Assessment Example Template Questions

You can test for several skills with the following test template structures. With a plethora of coding skill assessments available, it shouldn't be hard for you to find a service that fits the needs of your team. 



Strongly agree




Strongly disagree

I have a strong understanding of the specified programming languages (Java, Python, Perl, Ruby)


I understand the coding requirements as specified in the job description 


I have no problem working through entry-level and mid-level algorithm problems. 


I have at least _____ years of experience in _____. 


I am proficient in _____ software. 


Short Answer Responses

  1. Explain how you can determine whether an integer is odd or even. 
  2. How would you reverse an array? 
  3. Define object-oriented programming. 
  4. What are some common ways to debug something? 
  5. If you were given a task you didn’t know how to complete, what would you do?
  6. How do you keep up with the changes in tech and AI? 
  7. What’s your approach to explaining technical problems to non-technical team members?

Final Thoughts: Coding Skills Assessment Test

With the right preparation, you can integrate a simple yet effective coding skills test into your hiring process. One way to make hiring easier is to ensure you’re attracting quality hires with the right skill sets. Data-driven and performance-based learning systems, like Crosschq, will give you those capabilities. 

With Crosschq, you get qualified talent pipelines, HRIS, ATS integrations, CRM, cost-effective talent acquisition, and more.

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