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Crosschq Asks: Are You Walking the Wall? 6 Ways to Reduce Time to Hire by 40%

Collaborative recruiting depends on communication. Recruiters and hiring managers have to be on the same page, and Crosschq TalentWall is designed to provide that connection.


Crosschq TalentWall allows recruiters and hiring managers to connect productively and skip the lengthy meetings that leave everyone feeling not much more informed than they were before. With Crosschq TalentWall, hiring managers and recruiters can easily see what’s going on with hiring at both a high level and a granular level. 


This can turn formerly grueling weekly touch-base sessions into a quick “Walk on the Wall” to get a clear picture of where hiring is at for each role, cutting down on admin time and freeing up both parties to get on with other tasks.

Here are 6 ways Crosschq TalentWall can increase collaborative recruiting which boosts faster communication to keep candidates moving through the pipeline and reduces time to hire by 40%.

#1: View the Pipeline

The bidirectional real-time update functionality permits a quick overview of where hiring is at. It’s easy to check how many candidates are in the upper levels of the pipeline and discuss high-value candidates being pushed to the next round.

#2: Surface Bottlenecks

Identify areas where candidates seem to bottleneck, and look at ratios between those who self-select out of the process and those being rejected from phase to phase. Hiring managers can quickly see when the last contact was made with each prospect, giving recruiters more accountability.


#3: Examine Top Candidates

Dig into prospects slated for the interview stage. Crosschq TalentWall facilitates deep dives into all data when and where desired, so managers can get a feel for their final talent pool before jumping into interviews.

#4: Boost DEIB

Improve diversity and inclusivity with visibility into demographics for each open role. Is there a lack of women or minorities applying? It might be time to look at the job descriptions being used to make sure they aren’t perpetuating unconscious bias.




#5: Improve Messaging

Discuss where to tweak messaging. If too many of the wrong sort of candidates are making it through to the interview stage, now is the time to clarify between the manager and recruiter what makes those candidates unqualified. This also provides the chance to fill in more information about the role and its responsibilities.

#6: Enhance Nurturing

Identify funnel issues. If high-value candidates are dropping out too early, it could be because the hiring process is too slow or because contact and nurturing are slacking. Make plans to attract those prospects and keep their attention.



Are you ready to sync with your recruiters and improve hiring manager satisfaction? Crosschq TalentWall is the ideal solution to help hiring managers promote efficiency in hiring and interact with recruitment professionals on an even playing field. Request a TalentWall demonstration today.

Noelle Davis

by Noelle Davis

Staff Writer

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