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Crosschq + Greenhouse: The Perfect Partnership

Crosschq + Greenhouse: The Perfect Partnership


At Crosschq, our overarching goal is to provide every customer with a faster, better, more impactful hiring experience. Since we’re a preferred partner with Greenhouse, it allows customers to streamline their reference checking process by integrating Crosschq 360 with Greenhouse’s powerful applicant tracking system for an optimized talent acquisition process.  


You can effortlessly incorporate Crosschq into your existing Greenhouse workflow by adding a Crosschq reference to any stage of the interview process. In just minutes, you can set up an account and candidate, enabling your recruiters to quickly access unbiased human feedback for the candidate they are considering hiring. 


Being able to easily send reference requests, see results, and track applicants help everyone involved in the hiring process to save time and costs associated with the recruitment process, from hiring managers and HR departments to the talent being sourced. 

Greenhouse: An Ideal Recruitment Platform

Greenhouse users are already able to access and optimize job listings across 1,000+ large and niche job boards, using recommendations that are directly based on historical and industry performance.


Within Greenhouse, hiring teams, recruiters, HR departments, and talent can seamlessly collaborate and communicate, using @mentions and shared application reviews. Job and offer approvals happen in real-time, with alerts and notifications tied to tasks and candidate tracking in progress.


New job postings can be swiftly set up and deployed by simply configuring the relevant fields to capture necessary information from hiring managers. New roles and candidates can likewise be set up within the system, and the Greenhouse Recruiting candidate scorecard aligns with Crosschq’s own mission to enhance diversity and reduce unconscious bias.  


Greenhouse users can ensure candidates are empowered by encouraging them to prerecord their names with the correct pronunciation and indicate preferred pronouns. This sets up the hiring team to easily and respectfully address candidates correctly and shows organizations are supportive of their employees.


Scorecards of key attributes can be customized for each role, and candidates are consistently evaluated to find top matches. Career pages and customizable email templates reinforce branding, while a wide range of applicable language options helps create an impressive candidate experience.


Candidates sourced using Greenhouse have the flexibility to self-schedule interviews at a convenient time. Reporting options and plenty of connectors mean Greenhouse and Crosschq users can access plenty of other tools as needed for a seamless hiring funnel that draws on all of the most useful technologies available.


Crosschq 360: Adding Reference Checking to Greenhouse

Integrating Crosschq reference checking with Greenhouse is easy and fast. Simply log in to your Crosschq administrator account, click the Integrations tab on the left-hand side, copy the API/token key, and turn on the Greenhouse integration. You can walk through the entire process with screenshots showing how to connect Crosschq and Greenhouse.  


Once you’re done, email indicating that you would like to set up the Crosschq integration (without sending the API key.) The Greenhouse Support Team will request verification using a support code, then forward you a SendSafely link for you to enter your API key. 


A notification will be sent to the Greenhouse Support Team after you have entered your API key and they will email you to confirm that your API key has been set up in your account and your integration is enabled. 


That’s it - you can proceed to initiate reference checks, receive notifications when ready, and view reference scores without leaving Greenhouse. You’ll be able to immediately reduce time spent conducting reference checks by up to 95% while increasing the reference response rate and quality of insights received from each check. 

Ready to learn more about Crosschq 360 reference checking integrations? Check out our partners and ask for a free demo today.

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