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Crosschq WON at Cloud Wars - The Future is Bright!

On June 28 - 30, 2022, Crosschq was honored to be selected by SAP.iO to attend and participate in this year’s Innovation Path Program at Cloud Wars held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. 


Crosschq WON at Cloud Wars

Kelsey Peterson, VP of Customer Success, and I, Debra Carney, Director of Marketing, represented Crosschq at our booth #723 and enjoyed meeting all of the Cloud Wars attendees by giving them a verbal demo of our Talent Intelligence Cloud™ platform


Each person walked away having a greater understanding of what Crosschq offers Talent and HR Leaders and 

  •  how our platform allows people to conduct their jobs more efficiently
  •  how they can recruit and retain better talent through our data-driven insights 
  •  how they can connect their pre-and post-hire data to correlate that with their quality of hire. 

We also met some great companies who were sponsoring the event. There were well-known enterprise companies at the event like SAP, Oracle, WorkDay, Google, as well as, innovative startups like Anthill, WISY, Humanly, and more.

The Innovation Path of Cloud Wars took place in the afternoon of the last day, June 30, and consisted of three-minute pitches from fifteen of today’s leading cloud-based startups.  

Crosschq WON at Cloud Wars

Qualifications for pitching included:

Crosschq WON at Cloud Wars

  • Company must be 5 years or younger
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Private company


Pitches were judged with the following criteria:

  • Does it optimize the digital future?
  • Can it enable business model reimagination?
  • How will it dazzle a customer?


The Judges

The judges consisted of real-wold CXOs who took notes during each of the pitches. 

Crosschq WON at Cloud Wars


Crosschq was last to present, but Kelsey confidently took the stage. I was proudly sitting in the first row recording her speech, silently cheering her on.

Crosschq WON at Cloud Wars

Crosschq WON at Cloud Wars  Crosschq WON at Cloud Wars      


Kelsey delivered her three-minute pitch clearly, succinctly, and effortlessly conveying her data points, while captivating the audience on how the hiring process is currently broken. She reinforced that Crosschq is the solution to help Talent Leaders so they can hire and retain the best talent while having data insights to back up their hiring decisions.



Crosschq WON at Cloud Wars

The panel of judges took a short break after Kelsey finished her presentation before announcing announce the winners.

Winners Announced


When the judges came back to the podium, the five winners of Cloud Wars Shortlist were announced, each receiving a $20K marketing package prize, and one Grand Prize Winner of a $40K marketing package prize. The winners were announced in reverse alphabetical order. 


Crosschq WON at Cloud Wars

Three companies were announced and then the fourth company announced was…. Crosschq!!!

It’s not a lie when I say I was the loudest cheerleader in the room. I was SO proud of my colleague for doing such a fantastic job, of Crosschq for having great products that matter and are making an impact, and selfishly for the $20K marketing prize - LOL! The grand prize winner was awarded to WISY. 


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Kelsey said it best when speaking about our award, “What most excites me about this recognition is the judges’ feedback about how our solution truly dazzles customers. I’m thrilled Crosschq has been recognized as an industry leader in this regard – it’s indicative of our customer-centric approach coupled with our data-driven solution.”

Crosschq WON at Cloud Wars

To all of the Cloud Wars winners – a HUGE congrats!

Crosschq WON at Cloud Wars

And to Cloud Wars and the judges, a sincere thank you for recognizing Crosschq and what we’re accomplishing in the industry. 


Crosschq WON at Cloud Wars


Lastly, thank you to SAP for selecting us to attend and pitch at Cloud Wars – we had a blast!


Crosschq WON at Cloud Wars



Debra Carney

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Director of Marketing

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