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4 Benefits of Headcount Planning Software

Headcount planning should be part of your overall recruitment and workforce management strategy. Headcount planning software can help you accurately forecast your headcount needs and anticipate when they might fluctuate due to internal or external influences. This can help you avoid making a hiring mistake - which 30% of companies say happens when rushing to hire.

Headcount Planning Software Basics

Many smaller companies simply use some sort of template and a basic algorithm to estimate their headcount needs. An established and stable business that has a fairly small workforce made up of full-time employees won’t have too much difficulty with headcount planning.

However, for enterprise companies with hundreds or thousands of employees, businesses with a lot of employee turnover, or organizations that are scaling rapidly, headcount planning software can be the exact tool needed to maintain balance and help prevent bad hires.

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4 Benefits of Headcount Planning Software

Headcount planning software takes recruitment to an entirely new level.

Benefit of headcount planning software #1: Visualize your business structure

Headcount planning software can help you identify each employee’s skills and value, and reveal where there are gaps in coverage, knowledge, or skills that may be affecting productivity or quality control. It’s like a window into Quality of Hire across the board.

Crosschq Free Headcount Planning Template

Benefit of headcount planning software #2: Centralize workforce data

Using headcount planning software to centralize all of your workforce data not only helps you spot historical fluctuations over time but can help you predict when you need to recruit before you even have an open role to fill.

Benefit of headcount planning software #3: Support collaborative hiring

Another advantage of headcount planning software is that it makes it easy for all stakeholders, from the C-suite to hiring managers to third-party recruiters, to maintain better communication about workforce planning and management. 

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Benefit of headcount planning software #4: Become more proactive

Being able to see and analyze all of the data about headcount as it relates to your organizational needs helps make hiring less complicated. Instead of hiring reactively, you can proactively build future-proofed teams and accurately predict how hiring decisions will impact the company’s bottom line.

Crosschq Hiring Intelligence Cloud™ supports headcount planning software as part of a complete recruitment and workforce management technology stack. 

Ultimately, headcount planning software aids the creation of a recruitment strategy that is intuitive, streamlined, and (most importantly) data-driven. To learn more about how Crosschq can help you with headcount planning, contact us for a demonstration today.

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