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Unlocking a New Super Power: Predicting Quality of Hire

Welcome to Week 4 of our Hiring Intelligence Fast-Track Blog Series

Once you are able to connect hiring decisions to job performance, you unlock a new super power: the ability to predict Quality of Hire

Quality of Hire is universally held to be the holy grail of recruiting. That’s why you’ll see it on the right side of the Hiring Intelligence Maturity Curve.

However, our research shows a lot of smart leaders and organizations are getting it wrong. 

The data scientists at Crosschq Data Labs analyzed 24+ million hiring decisions to show you the power of Quality of Hire. They unearthed 5 new and shocking insights to help you hire “A” Players every time.  

Quality of Hire:
The value that a new employee contributes to the overall success of your company in the long term. 

5 surprising insights the Crosschq Data Labs team extracted from the data:

  1. Most interviewers are not very good at identifying top talent. 
  2. Many pre-hire assessments are unreliable for predicting Quality of Hire.
  3. “Last-in, Last-out” can lead to disastrous downsizing decisions. 
  4. Internal referrals are not the best source of hires.
  5. Companies good at Quality of Hire, are really good. Companies bad at Quality of Hire, are really bad. 

See the full report, with all the insights here in The Q Report: What You Need To Know. Download Your Free Copy of the Crosschq Q Report

In our next blog post in this Talent Intelligence Fast-Track Series, we offer some tips and tricks for getting that deserved seat at the table, and becoming a valued partner in the business.

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