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From Operational to Transformational in 4 Easy Steps

Welcome to the final week of our Hiring Intelligence Fast-Track Blog Series

Thanks for joining us on this six-article series reviewing the Hiring Intelligence Maturity Curve and demonstrating how moving up the curve will directly impact your success in hiring the best, fastest… 

We understand the path from operational to transformational can seem daunting. Having the right data, and the right tools to analyze it and surface actionable insights is as we said complex. 

We can help. 

We’d like to introduce you to the

Crosschq Quality Cloud™

Here is how our robust, easy-to-use to use platform can help you make that leap up the Hiring Intelligence Maturity Curve. 

  • 360 Reference Checks - Gather valuable pre-hire data.
    • Cut time spent on reference checks by up to 95% or more.
    • Make data-backed decisions to hire the very best candidates.
    • Connect that data to your ATS and other tools to better predict performance and retention.

  • TalentWall™ by Crosschq Pipeline Visualization - Get a real-time view of your pipeline.
    • Step out of the weeds and get a real-time, birds-eye view of your ATS candidate pipeline.
    • Uncover funnel metrics to gain critical insights for pipeline management and talent planning.
    • Filter and report by department, office, user and date.

  • Data Integrations - Connect data to create one source of truth.
    • Connect and consolidate data from ATS & HRIS systems, payroll platforms, assessment & interview tools, and more. 
    • Join it with outcome data from performance management systems, culture and engagement platforms, sales management tools, and many others.
    • Create a new, single source of truth for all of your hiring needs.

  • On-Demand Analytics - Convert to unparalleled insights.
    • Layer on data Crosschq collects from co-workers, managers, peers, employee experience measurements, and third-party data.
    • Create beautiful visualizations (starting with 80 pre-built reports) that provide insights on Quality of Hire, performance, and retention.
    • Know with certainty which channels and sources give you the best candidates so you can maximize your hiring spend.

TRANSFORMATIONAL: The holy grail is being able to predict Quality of Hire. Our platform will help you do just that. 

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Hiring Intelligence Fast-Track Series: Everything You Need to Up-Level Your Hiring

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3. How-to Guide for Better Talent Analytics
4. Unlocking a New Super Power: Predicting Quality of Hire
Empowering You: Getting a Seat at the Table
6. From Operational to Transformational in 4 Easy Steps (This Article)

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