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Hiring Manager Satisfaction Survey

As your company scales its recruiting efforts, measuring hiring manager satisfaction becomes increasingly important. Hiring manager satisfaction is a metric or group of metrics that show the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts. 

What do you measure in Hiring Manager Satisfaction Surveys?

Hiring manager satisfaction surveys measure three stages of the recruiting process. 

  1. Job launch. In this section of the hiring manager satisfaction survey, you ask hiring managers to rate different aspects of the job launch. This includes speed to deliver job requisition or description and time to start recruiting. 

  2. Candidate generation. This portion of the hiring manager satisfaction survey measures the quality and volume of the candidate generation process. If you have specific programs that you’re using and would love feedback on such as a new candidate referral program, then you can include questions about that here. 

  3. Overall satisfaction. Here you ask your hiring manager to rate the quality of hire, overall satisfaction of the recruiting process, and to provide any other feedback on your programs. 

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How to Distribute the Hiring Manager Satisfaction Survey 

Hiring managers are busy with their day-to-day responsibilities, and the distribution of hiring manager satisfaction surveys should be as streamlined as possible. We recommend using internal tools from your ATS, or consider third-party tools such as Survey Monkey or Typeform to quickly create, distribute, and collect data from your hiring managers. 

Sample Hiring Manager Survey Questions

Below you’ll find a series of hiring manager survey questions. Feel free to copy, paste, and edit as needed to ensure these meet the needs of your unique recruiting process. 

  1. Satisfaction with Job Launch
  • How adept was the recruiter’s ability to approve the requisition and begin the recruiting process:
  • How would you rate the efficiency of the recruiter’s initial information gathering prior to job launch?
  • Did the recruiter understand the job requirements and your needs?
  • Was the job description/posting accurate and cover all of the required skills and experience?

  1. Satisfaction with Candidate Quality
  • How satisfied were you with the quality of candidates presented
  • How satisfied were you with the number of candidates presented
  • How satisfied were you with the assessment and screening of job candidates

  1. Process and Administration
  • Were you satisfied with the communication with your recruiter
  • Was your recruiter able to adjust based on candidate quality or volume
  • Were you satisfied with the technology that was used during the recruiting process
  • How easy was it to make decisions and schedule interviews/meetings

  1. On-the-job performance questions
  •  How satisfied are you with the on-the-job performance of your recent hires during their first six months on the job?
  • The retention rate of the people hired this year is...?
  • How satisfied are you with the retention rates of your recent hires during their first 6 months on the job?

  1. Evaluation of Special Programs
  • Were you satisfied with the employee referral programs implemented by your recruiter?
  • Did your recruiter utilize any events? What was your level of satisfaction?

  1. Overall Satisfaction with Recruiting
  • Satisfaction with job launch
  • Candidates
  • Skill of Recruiter
  • Resources
  • Overall Process

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