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Rules for Hiring the Right Candidate

Recruiting costs are more than just a monetary investment; they’re an investment in your company’s future. When you take on an employee, that individual will contribute to your company culture, company morale, workplace environment, and leadership potential down the line. 

It’s important to get your team right in the hiring process. You don’t want to burden your employees with frequent training programs if they aren’t meeting expectations and you don’t want to hurt company morale by having a high employee churn rate. 

Below we’ll look at how you can hire the right candidates the first time around and save yourself a lot of time and money in the process.

Rules for hiring exactly who your company needs

The great thing about hiring in 2022 is that recruitment and hiring software is pretty advanced. Hiring technologies come with intelligent recruitment features that automate and provide accurate measurements of compatibility, work ethic, expertise, and more. 

Here are some rules you can follow to hire exactly who your company needs the first time around. 

  • Specificity in what you want and need
    • Not knowing exactly what you want in an employee will be frustrating for both you and your potential hire. A good way to define your needs for your job post is to create a “model employee” checklist. Write out the qualities, experiences, and qualifications of your perfect candidate and let that list help you define your job description. 
  • Look for diversity in all aspects
    • Diversity and inclusivity is a valuable asset in the workplace. A study by People Management found that diverse teams are nearly 90% better at making decisions, and a Deloitte study found that millennials are 83% more likely to be engaged working at an inclusive company. Diversity has many forms, so look at education, ethnicity, gender, age, and nationality for ways to bring in different perspectives and improve your workplace culture. 
  • Personality is important
    • You want employees who can work well in team settings and with, if needed, customers and clients. You should be testing the emotional  intelligence, teamwork capabilities, and interpersonal skills of all incoming employees. You can achieve this kind of testing through a comprehensive interviewing process and by utilizing competent assessment tests.  
  • Use the right pipelines and networks
    • Advanced candidate referral networks and software will give you comprehensive candidate profiles from trusted pipelines. These technologies can help you source, match, and assess the compatibility of hires before you even reach out to them. 
  • Advanced reference checking
    • 360 digital reference checking gives you all the benefits of comprehensive reference checks without the time or hassle of traditional reference checking practices. State-of-the-art reference check technologies, like Crosschq, give you detailed reporting, peer and manager insights, and integrated self-references all from a unified, easy-to-use platform. 
  • Be patient
    • This might be difficult to do if you’re tight on time, but it might be better to wait a few weeks to find the right candidate if it means increasing your retention rate and saving money/time in the longrun. Remember, you’re doing more than just filling a role. This individual will have an impact on your office environment and can be a long-term asset if you choose wisely. 
  • Get second and third opinions in the room
    • Especially if you’re in the interview process, it’s important to have multiple opinions on your potential hires. This will help you limit bias and allow your managers to sound board off of one-another to make the right decision. 
  • Sell your offer
    • What makes your business appealing? How are your benefits packages different? What’s at the center of your mission statement and core values? If you have a quality candidate within reach, you want to sell yourself and your organization as much as possible, and it’s not just about pay and traditional benefits.

Match the right candidates with Crosschq

Crosschq gives you the tools you need to leverage data for deeper insights into candidates. 360 digital reference checking helps you take the guesswork out of hiring and drive better decision-making around the recruitment process.

Build diverse teams, match the right hires, and benefit from talent-acquisition cost analysis all from the same platform. Click here to learn more about how Crosschq can help you make the hiring decisions today.

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