Interviewing & Sourcing

We all know just how critical interviewing is in the selection process. Unfortunately, many struggle to evaluate their interview processes to ensure they are driving the best hiring decisions, best candidate experiences and mitigating bias wherever possible. This doesn't even cover the complexity involved in ensuring interviewer time spent is productive, efficient and actually impactful.

Crosschq provides a consolidated view of your interviewing operations which is key to optimizing this critical component of the hiring process.

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Radical Insight: Interview scores only have a 9% correlation to Quality of Hire."  — Crosschq Q Report

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The Crosschq Solution: Evaluating the Hiring Process

By combining all of your interviewing data, Crosschq can help you:

  • Answer basic questions such as the number of interview hours it takes to make one hire
  • Make complex correlations like Quality of Hire by interviewer scorecard rating
  • Identify which sources are providing the best quality candidates.


Crosschq Solutions


Why Customers Turn to Crosschq

Clear Reports

Charts and graphs that you can easily read and understand the first time.

Insightful Correlations

With Crosschq as your data hub processing millions of data points, insights are more powerful and accurate than ever.

No Admin Required

Crosschq can be used by anyone, no data analytics background required.

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Quality of Hire

Establish a reliable approach to measuring this elusive metric

By connecting all of your talent data from ATS, HRIS and performance management systems and augmenting it with post-hire surveys, Crosschq builds a Quality of Hire model that reflects the unique characteristics of your company and job profiles.

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Hiring Demographics

Learn how processes impacting groups of applicants

Crosschq enables you to better understand how your existing approaches are impacting everything from bias in selection to candidate drop off and even candidate experience. All available with enriched demographics data enabling you to easily identify areas of opportunity for improvement.

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Skills & Competency Job Requirements

Establish an S&C framework based on outcomes

Implement a learning model that is based on actual hiring outcomes to continually evolve your models to ensure they accurately represent those displayed by your top performers.

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My organization struggles with...

Quality of Hire

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Quality of Hire

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Quality of Hire

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54% believe QoH will be #1

According to LinkedIn, 54% of recruiting professionals believe Quality of Hire will be the #1 priority in the next 5 years but are not sure how to improve it.

26% more revenue per employee

Employees with high QoH scores are more engaged. Studies shows that organizations with highly engaged employees capture 26% more revenue per employee.

400% as much productivity

Employees who are high-performers can deliver up to 400% as much productivity as employees who perform poorly, indulge in presenteeism, or are unengaged and unmotivated.


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Tie sourcing, interviewing & hiring decisions to employee retention & performance

Establish Your QoH Baseline

Consistently measure Quality of Hire, and see where you stack up against industry benchmarks.

Uncover Areas of Opportunity

Filter & segment to quickly see if Quality of Hire varies by department, hiring manager, recruiter, office and more.

Predict the Perfect Candidate Fit

Ensure pre-hire assessments yield top performers by linking pre-hire data, like skills & values, to post-hire success for each role.

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