Recruiter Performance & Capacity

With fluctuating hiring needs that can change from day to day, nothing is more important to Talent Acquisition than understanding whether recruiters have the capacity to handle the business needs to fill critical roles in a timely manner. 

By tracking historical trends on time-to-hire and complexity of the hire by role, Crosschq provides the tools you need to understand how to forecast and load balance your recruiting team based on historical performance.

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Every recruiter needs to be able to be flexible and deploy into hotspots versus specializing in specific domains. We didn’t do that a year ago, two years ago, or three years ago. But it’s critical for staying agile.”  — Erin Scruggs, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at LinkedIn

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The Crosschq Solution: Functional Dashboards and Predictive Analytics

Maintaining a real-time view on recruiter performance is key to hiring success.

Crosschq’s dashboards help recruiters better manage their day-to-day operations and recruiting leaders better evaluate their teams by:

  • Highlighting key data around core KPIs like pipeline health, time-to-hire and offer acceptance rate
  • Aggregating additional data like candidate experience and Quality of Hire by recruiter to extract deeper insights 
  • Analyzing candidate quality to ensure recruiters are delivering candidates that align with hiring managers' needs

Why Customers Turn to Crosschq

Dependable Dashboards

Pre-built charts and dashboards built for recruiting, by recruiters.

Load Management Forecasting

Highly predictive forecasting that uses your own data to determine expectations of filling roles, allowing for better resource allocation.

Correlative Analytics

Automatically associate data points together for deeper insights that paint the full hiring picture.

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Core Recruiting Metrics

Make hiring decisions and strategic plans with more confidence

No more time spent pulling, updating and questioning reports. Track important recruiting metrics and gain clear, actionable insights.

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Hiring Demographics

Learn how processes impacting groups of applicants

Crosschq enables you to better understand how your existing approaches are impacting everything from bias in selection to candidate drop off and even candidate experience. All available with enriched demographics data enabling you to easily identify areas of opportunity for improvement.

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Interviewing, Assessments & Sourcing

Evaluate interview processes for quality decisions, positive experiences, and reducing bias

A consolidated view of your interviewing operations is the key to optimizing this critical component of the hiring process. Crosschq answers questions from interview-hours-to-role to more complex correlations like Quality of Hire by interviewer scorecard rating.

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