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5 Trends that will Shape the Workforce in 2022

As talent acquisition and HR leaders continue to evolve to meet fast-paced demands and a digitally-driven environment, employers are faced with a new distinct set of challenges with every new year.  Last year was no different as organizations strived to evaluate, develop, and retain talent effectively and efficiently.  

The pandemic was the leading cause of job fluctuations, making employers experience more severe talent shortages than ever.   

It also was a year of learning and some key trends arose including:

  1. Employers shifted from managing the employee's experience to managing their life experience.
  2. The gender-wage gap continued to increase as employees were returning to the office.
  3. Monitoring of employees was limited due to a virtual work model.

While 2021 was about resurgence, we can look ahead to 2022 to be a year of growth.

2022 Workforce Trends

After two years of contending with the pandemic, people have shifted their values. They are rethinking why and how they work and what they want out of work. It shows that a new pattern in the workforce is taking place. 

Leaders will have to reinforce the pre-pandemic workplace paradigm if they want their companies to be competitive in today's market. 

Here are the 2022 workforce trends to watch.

The Great Resignation Persists

This Great Resignation is a trend that is expected to continue throughout 2022. It's the most significant sign of people taking another view of work. Job transitions have increased by 54%, according to Linkedln's data.

Employees are looking for better benefits, better pay, and more support from employers. In general, they prioritize their well-being over productivity.  

Remote Work to Continue

Apart from the Great Resignation, hybrid work is another direct result of the Covid-19 trend that is here to stay.  According to Gallup's poll, employees overwhelmingly favor maintaining work from home.  

Despite the vaccine rollout, Gallup's poll also revealed that 67% of white-collar employees are still working from home, whether full-time (41%) or part-time (26%). 

 Trends that will Shape the Workforce in 2022

Safety and Health Matters Continue

Despite where the employees will be working in 2022, health and safety will remain their priorities. The organizations will continue stressing about keeping their workers safe.

Some companies have mandated COVID-19 testing and vaccination to their employees, but that could change with the recent news of President Biden withdrawing his vaccination and testing mandate aimed at large businesses, following the Supreme Court’s decision to block the rule earlier this month.

Engagement Issues to Persist

As remote work is among the 2022 workplace trends, most HR leaders and front-line leaders agree that it brings new issues to keep workers engaged. Employees may feel isolated and find collaboration less effective than when they work together on-site.

They may also miss the information they need due to a lack of daily communication with the boss. Because of this potential disconnect, it’s important to take time to recognize employees’ positive contributions amidst the challenges of daily work.  

Utilizing education opportunities, team recognition, development opportunities, and compensation are some areas to consider. They are the foundation of a solid workforce culture, and they can improve engagement whether employees are hybrid, remote, or on-site.

More Emphasis on Employee Mental Health

Globally, the pandemic has been a rough patch for professionals, regardless of the organization they work for or the level at which they operate. Companies found it hard to retain these skilled and dedicated employees, and they lost their jobs. 

Moreover, most employees working remotely stretched their work hours, hence becoming burned out and exhausted

These are just some of the circumstances that have significantly affected employees' mental health. Since employees are getting back to work, companies have focused on stimulating the work environment.

HR professionals have started giving counseling to employees who need help. It has made the world realize the importance of mental well-being and improving workers' engagement.

Let Crosschq Help Achieve Your Workforce Goals

These 2022 workforce trends will help organizations streamline their processes and ensure the well-being of their workers. Providing your employees with a stimulating and encouraging environment will leverage your company's culture and help achieve your organizational goals.

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