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3 Steps to Help Layoffs Suck Less with Crosschq Assist

At Crosschq, we’re all about matching the right candidates with the right roles for quality of hire, retention, and performance. When a company has to lay off employees, things can get tense on both sides. The best way to support outgoing employees is to give them all the tools you can to help them land on their feet.

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Crosschq Assist is a free tool designed to do exactly that. It allows outgoing employees to be looped directly into our opt-in talent network, making them and their attributes highly visible to active recruiters seeking to fill holes and skill gaps in other organizations.

Laying off workers is never easy, but with Crosschq, you can retain goodwill and loyalty even during an unfortunate workforce reduction.

How It Works

Crosschq Assist is a unique new product that helps laid-off employees find their next job quickly. Launched in April, Assist has already been used by several of our customers, including GoPuff,  to match impacted employees with new and exciting job opportunities at hundreds of other companies.

Step 1: Partner with Crosschq Assist


You’ll get a customized sign-up page for all of your outgoing employees to use. It’s completely free for them to join the opt-in network, and we’ll also connect them to companies outside the network - also for free.

Step 2: Customize your message

A supportive message can be created to encourage your former employees to take the next step forward in their careers. Let them know you believe in them and their ability to land safely and move forward with confidence.

Step 3: Guide them through signup

The signup process is easy. All your employees need to do is input their name, email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile. Their enriched profile will appear in our network, and they can sit back and wait for recruiters to reach out to them as pre-qualified talent to feel empty positions at hundreds of companies.

Benefits of Crosschq Assist

When you provide your employees with Crosschq Assist, you can help maintain the goodwill and trust you built during their tenure with your company. When they sign up with Crosschq Assist, they make themselves more visible to companies searching by skill set and attributes to find great matches for open roles. 

Interested in supporting outgoing employees with Crosschq Assist? Reach out for more information to see how we can start helping your company and alumni staff today.

Debra Carney

by Debra Carney

Director of Marketing

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