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Quality of Hire Checklist

Employees are a company’s most valuable assets. They can help grow and propel a company towards success, so it’s important to hire quality candidates. If not, employees not best suited for the job can be the company's downfall. 

Quality of Hire Checklist

In order to hire only the best candidates, it requires a fool-proof quality of hire checklist. 

The ideal hire checklist should be based on the company's unique needs and the job opening's specifications, and it should be as detailed as possible. 

Every quality of hire checklist should include:

  • Performance-Based Job Description
  • Interviews
  • Crosschq 360 Digital Reference Check
  • Applicant Pool - Sourcing Quality Candidates
  • New Hire Predictive Talent Analytics

Performance-based job description

The first step towards attracting the best talent is letting them know exactly what to expect. As such, it is important to prepare and post a detailed, performance-based job description. 

The job description should be clear about what is expected from the right candidate. Job descriptions are designed intentionally to discourage potentially weak applicants, and this one should do exactly that. However, it should also be appealing by highlighting the benefits and packages that await the right candidate. This will ensure that your applicants are qualified, ambitious, and confident in their capabilities. 


Conducting one-on-one interviews with candidates is the best way to identify the best candidate out of a pool of potential applicants for the position. Interviews allow for the human element and are backed by technology solutions used earlier in the process. 

The interviews should be thorough and in-depth making sure the candidate is well-matched for the position and to see if they would be a good culture add to the team. You may have to schedule follow-up interviews to gain more insight into the candidates' qualifications. 

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Crosschq 360

While it is important to follow up on employees' references, it can take a lot of time and other resources. Additionally, fraud may be difficult to detect when using traditional verification solutions. 

Crosschq 360 is a digital reference check solution designed to improve candidate hiring transparency and experience for everyone in the hiring process, including the candidate. It is compliant with the current digital referencing standards, and it is designed to integrate with your existing workflows and systems. 

Crosschq 360 can save your company time and money by up to 95% of traditional reference verification solutions. It can also improve talent sourcing by 35% and remove bias by 32%, ensuring that you get the best talent for the role. 

Applicant pool - Sourcing quality candidates

The solutions discussed above are designed to discourage applicants that are not a good match and attract the best candidates. The remaining applicants are worth closer consideration, however, so you will need an applicant pool consisting of only the best candidates. 

You can create an applicant pool in advance (before posting the job opening) based on the performance-based requirements and analytics data. However, it is advisable to update your applicant pool after evaluating all of the applicants to ensure that you don't waste any more time and resources on unfit candidates. Ideally, you should schedule interviews with the candidates in the applicant pool to gauge their qualifications more closely.

Applicants who didn’t receive a job offer are just one way to build your talent pipeline. Another effective and efficient way to hire quickly is with Crosschq Recruit. You’ll find 100% opted-in and engaged talent to help you build your talent funnel. 

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New Hire Analytics

Employers rely on predictive talent analytics solutions to analyze all available data when determining the right candidate match. Crosschq's New Hire Analytics considers everything there is to consider about a job opening and candidate, ensuring that you hire the best person for the role. 

Employee retention is also important, especially considering the time, money, and other resources that go into hiring and training new employees. Fortunately, this solution also identifies potential flight risks for employees, giving you enough time to address the shortcomings and keep your talented workers happy. 

Final Thoughts: Quality of Hire Checklist

Hiring the best candidates will help boost the company's growth and reduce the burden of managing employees not best suited for the job. As such, ensure that your quality of hire checklist is exhaustive. You can also eliminate costly mistakes by utilizing Crosschq’s reliable HR solutions and resources.

Get in touch and schedule a free demo with one of our team experts to learn how Crosschq can help you source better talent, hire more efficiently, and retain talent longer. 

Debra Carney

by Debra Carney

Director of Marketing

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