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6 Tips for Enhancing Recruiter Productivity

Recruitment can be a challenging job, and it’s become more difficult in recent years due to the changing nature of the candidate sourcing and job application processes. Add to that a sudden shift in both hiring and recruitment to remote practices, and it’s no wonder recruiters find themselves struggling.


Depending on the size of your company and your hiring needs, you have several options when it comes to recruiting. You may choose to have a recruiting department in-house, delegate recruiting to individual department heads, hire an outside recruitment agency, or a combination of using your in-house staff and outside help.

Whatever you decide is best for your organization, make sure that you’re getting the ROI you deserve from the process by making every effort to enhance recruiter productivity.

1. Give Your Recruiter Clear Requirements

Improving Quality of Hire in 2022 is the top priority of recruiters, according to one survey, but clear, actionable requirements are key. In another survey, 24% of recruiters said that aligning with hiring managers’ demands/job requirements is one of their top challenges. Your recruiter needs more information than “we need to hire a senior data analyst.” Make sure they have all possible information about the job, responsibilities, and requirements, including hard and soft skills. Ideally, you should also provide them with expectations related to your DEIB efforts, so they can look for candidates to both increase diversity and match correctly with the job description.


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2. Give Your Recruiter High-Quality Data

You want your recruiter to have the best data possible on all candidates., A robust ATS is a good first step, but you’ll need to ensure data going into the ATS is clean, easily filtered, and searchable. A tool like TalentWall™ by Crosschq  overlays your ATS, organizing and surfacing the data your recruiters need to quickly identify good candidates and filter by job or department.

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3. Give Your Recruiter Time-Saving Tools

It's estimated that the top 10% of candidates are often gone from the marketplace within 10 days. Speeding up the hiring process without rushing it and making a costly bad hire is critical; that's why Crosschq 360, the digital reference checker that can cut the time it takes to check references by up to 95%, is so valuable.


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4. Communicate Efficiently With Your Recruiter 

A weekly meeting with a recruiter to see how hiring is going can end up either taking the better part of a day to click through pages of hiring pipeline data in the ATS or be so brief and generic as to leave you clueless as to what’s really happening. TalentWall™by Crosschq lets you and your recruiter skim at the surface level to see how each department’s hiring process is progressing and dive down into areas that show signs of a bottleneck. The result is more valuable information exchanged during each recruiter touch-base, and less time wasted.


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5. Make Candidate Engagement Easy

Plenty of candidates drop out of the pipeline after a period of no contact, believing they have been "ghosted." A whopping 80% of candidates won’t consider any other relevant job openings at a company that didn’t stay in communication with them about their application status. However, they are on average 3.5 times more likely to apply to other open positions at a company they know will keep them updated. TalentWall™ by Crosschq allows a single dashboard view of all candidates in the pipeline. If a candidate hasn’t been engaged with, they are flagged yellow, then red. All the recruiter has to do is reach out to the candidate to flip the candidate back to green and reset the clock for engagement.



6. Keep Recruitment Data Updated in Real-Time

Nothing is more frustrating for a recruiter than different systems that have to be updated manually. In fact, one survey revealed that 63% of recruiters listed their worst nightmare as spending too much time on administrative tasks, like manual data entry. TalentWall™ by Crosschq updates bi-directionally in real-time with your ATS, so data in either system is always up-to-date.


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