Crosschq 360 Product Update: Expanded Notifications Settings

Crosschq 360 Product Update: Expanded Notifications Settings

We’re excited to announce that we’ve updated our Crosschq 360 digital reference checking product to include expanded notifications settings.

360 Reference Checking Now Has Expanded Notification Settings

It’s now possible to specify in more detail which notifications should be sent to which team members when a reference check request is created, as the job candidate completes each step of their reference check, and if there is potential fraud detection.


Choose for notifications to go to the requestor, the hiring manager, or both when:


  • A request is created
  • A request is accepted or rejected by a candidate
  • A request is past due
  • A request is completed or concluded
  • A request is canceled
  • Potential fraud is detected


Crosschq 360


Benefits of Expanded Notifications Settings

By expanding the notification settings, we’ve made it easier for you to tailor the process to the needs of your organization, and prevent unnecessary or unwanted emails from cluttering inboxes. 


You may wish for a requestor to receive all notifications, and the hiring manager only to receive notifications for a few of these actions. Alternately, you may wish for the hiring manager to receive all notifications and the requestor only to receive a few of them.


We’ll continue improving our products by adding expanded functionality and new features. If you have comments, questions, or an idea for making Crosschq better, please reach out to us at


Want more information? To get a Crosschq 360 demonstration, contact us today.

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