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Crosschq Update: Our Latest Product Highlights

Crosschq Product Update: Better Reports, New Dashboard, Improved Search

At Crosschq, our team of developers are constantly improving our products to make them even more useful and intuitive. Most recently, we’ve added new features, enhancements, and updates to all three products to provide easier access to detailed information, more visual references, and expanded filters to assist recruiters. 

Crosschq Recruit: Improved Search Plus New Filters

Our team also continues to improve the Crosschq Recruit built-in search engine, most recently with the addition of several new filters including the ability to filter by recruiter insight tags.


We've also added a synonym library designed to help users find job prospects that share similar job descriptions and titles while still retaining accuracy. This is increasingly important as the language used in the workplace continues to evolve and new roles are invented.

Crosschq 360: Report Refresh

Recruiters and hiring managers depend on 360’s robust reporting features to quickly review the progress of reference checks and rank candidates based on responses. 


We’ve updated our Crosschq 360 Report with a focus on making the report easier to read and more efficient to use for both hiring managers and recruiters:


  • Bar charts can now be expanded to view detailed responses from references
  • Visual cues have been added to many sections
  • An address card pops up when users mouse-over an individual reference’s response 


In February, we also refreshed the account summary email that we send out to team members each week. These new updates and features should make it easier than ever to use Crosshq 360 to review, understand, and track the reference checking process.


Coming Soon for 360:  Chinese Localization

We’re implementing support for simplified Chinese 360 surveys this quarter, adding to our growing list of supported languages! 

Crosschq Analytics: Performance Dashboard

Our Analytics module is designed to help highlight both red flags and high-value potential in the candidate pool, helping recruiters and hiring managers plan future hiring campaigns and refine their hiring decisions based on past data.


As part of our commitment to make this module even more beneficial to ongoing hiring efforts, our data team continues to add new graphs and components to Crosschq Analytics.


Most recently, we have implemented a brand-new dashboard that is focused on new hire performance. It is powered by data collected via Pulse surveys sent to hiring managers. This dashboard quickly and efficiently


  • Highlights rising stars
  • Identifies at-risk new hires
  • …and much more


Don’t let mistakes in hiring cripple your workforce productivity!

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