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Crosschq + Workday = Squeaky Clean Data

Have You Done a Data Hygiene Check Lately?

As a recruitment professional or anyone with a stake in the hiring process, you probably know by now that data hygiene is critical to doing anything right. 

Accurate, fresh and complete data is the key to any successful recruiting operations, paving the way for informed decisions, improved recruiting metrics, and an unparalleled candidate experience. 

But how do you ensure your data remains spotless in an ever-evolving talent landscape? With the launch of Crosschq’s Workday Connector, our team can meet one-on-one with you and show you how to:

  • Pinpoint the location of any ‘bad’ data using Crosschq
  • Go into Workday and make optimization edits
  • Utilize recruiting best practices

Crosschq Recruiting Analytics will be your practical and tactical guide to keep your Workday data not just clean, but gleaming with potential. One of the biggest values of the visual nature of our analytics overlay is it makes it incredibly easy to both clean up your historical data as well as maintain it going forward.  

With squeaky clean Workday workflows and tracking, leading to accurate recruiting data, you’ll get visibility into your most crucial hiring metrics, allowing you to optimize your talent resources. By leveraging a solution like Crosschq with customizable analytics dashboarding purpose-built for Workday, you’ll get the most out of your data. 

Bottom line: Crosschq and Workday bring hiring intelligence to a new level to help HR and Talent Acquisition professionals make data-driven hiring decisions.

Does Your Workday ATS Feel a Bit Grimy?

Workday’s ATS  is definitely a workhorse. It allows you to manage enterprise hiring with alacrity, but it may not be meeting all of your needs when it comes to hiring insights and data hygiene. 

If you’re struggling with getting the most out of your Workday usage, Crosschq can help by acting as the glue that makes Workday come together for you. With a birds-eye view of your recruiting pipeline, you can:

  • Surface incomplete, incorrect, or duplicate data
  • Clean datasets for easier analysis and actionable results
  • Start using your data effectively to inform hiring decisions

Visibility into your most crucial hiring metrics can give you the ability to optimize your talent resources with intuitive reports and visualizations. Candidate experience tools help you quickly access actionable insights and improve candidate NPS across your hiring process.

The Workday connector integrates your HRIS data with Crosschq Insights, allowing for real-time reporting in colorful, easy-to-read and -edit dashboards. Cut through the grime and see your data clearly, for better, faster, higher quality hiring. With Crosschq Recruiting Analytics, you can customize, collaborate, and control all of your Workday recruiting data, giving you a stronger command of hiring processes.

How To Know If Your Data is Offering Useful Insights

Many organizations aren’t even aware of the gaps, or worse yet errors, in how their hiring process data is being collected and delivered. In our Data Hygiene workshops, talent leaders consistently uncover huge inconsistencies that could potentially lead to harmful “data-driven” decisions. After all, your “data-informed” decision-making is only going to be as good as the data it's based on. 

Start by asking yourself the following questions to see if your data needs a quick health checkup:  

Can you answer the question (on a dime), “How is hiring going?”

  • If your data sources, tracking and accessible reports are on delay, or not clearly presenting the answers to your burning business questions – your data needs a cleanup.

  • In order to be useful, your data needs to be: Trustworthy, Timeline, User Friendly, Agile, Comprehensive and Impactful. If you’re asked with just ten minutes to prepare - can you answer the question, “How is hiring going?”

Do you track conversion rates?

  • If yes, are you happy with the process for pulling and compiling data, and with how the data is presented? 
  • If no, how do you tell if you’re making headway on important recruiting metrics like time-to-hire and cost-of-hire, let alone Quality of Hire?

How is diversity going in your hiring process?

  • If your teams are highly diverse, can you show where that is benefitting your company culture and your bottom line with hard data and reports?
  • If your workforce is lacking in diversity, do you have a plan for improvement and making things better, and a way to pull that off?

How are you tracking certain reports you need to pull?

  • Are you still stuck in manual mode, using Google Sheets to create and share reports across stakeholders and departments heads?
  • Do you have a tool like Tableau, but it’s time consuming and nothing matches, making you long for a way to generate clean, visual, and easy to read real time reports?

Do you even know what KPIs you should be tracking?

  • Are you able to see time-to-hire but not much else, and think that’s as good as it gets? (Hint: it’s not!)
  • Do you know there are more recruiting KPIs to be measured and tracked, but don’t know where to get started? Check out our recruiting benchmarks guide.

Welcome to Crosschq Recruiting Analytics

When you use Crosschq in tandem with your Workday ATS, you’ll immediately find that everything associated with your recruitment pipeline is easier, faster, and more readily understood by everyone on your team.  

10 reasons to connect Crosschq and Workday today

Connecting Crosschq and Workday can immediately improve your recruitment efforts. Here’s how:

  1. Get all of your key stakeholders on the same page about what’s going on with hiring, who needs to do what (and when), and how to better collaborate across the hiring process, supported by real-time data as a single source of truth.

  2. Improve recruiting efficiency across candidate assessments, reference checks, interview scheduling, candidate nurturing, and more.

  3. Obtain an easy-to-use alternative portal to logging into the ATS for insights / data; losing the clutter, so you can see and focus on what’s important.

  4. Ensure that every team member and stakeholder can see their pipeline and manage candidates easily without confusion or any non-essential functionality of your ATS.

  5. Use an easily understood pipeline to improve cross-functional conversations - switching them from tactical to a more strategic and data-informed approach.

  6. Enrich the diversity data of the segments of your pipeline who did not complete the EEOC survey, and correlate your DEI hiring efforts to positive business outcomes.

  7. Turn Quality of Hire into a reliable, operational metric for your company, connecting pre-hire and post-hire data for predictive datasets.

  8. Comprehend the specific ROI of each of your talent sources, and get the most out of your sourcing resources. 

  9. Understand the predictability of your interview teams and assessment tools, while streamlining and optimizing your assessment and interviewing processes 

  10. Continuously connect performance data with skills and competencies with trustworthy skills verification, to constantly adapt your frameworks to a rapidly changing market.

Examples of Data Hygiene in Action

Here are just a few of the ways using Crosschq to improve your Workday ATS data hygiene can benefit your organization:

  • Correcting candidate records that are missing critical information (such as recruiter name).
  • Improving process efficiency by identifying at what stage(s) you are losing candidates. 
  • Clarifying how underrepresented groups are faring and tracking key diversity stats.
  • Automating reports and sharing (and privacy permissions) for full stakeholder visibility.
  • Providing a self-service data model usable by hiring managers, recruiters, and the C-suite. 

A complete data hygiene overhaul will help you improve all your hiring metrics, including:

  • Time to Hire
  • Time to Fill
  • Offer Acceptance Rate
  • Interview Performance
  • Quality of Hire
  • … and more

Are you ready to clean up your data act and start getting the most out of your Workday ATS? Reach out to us today for a 1:1 data hygiene workshop, and discover what can happen when your data works for you instead of against you.

Katie Kennedy

by Katie Kennedy

Talent Consulting Lead

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