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Employee Assessments Can Help Determine Team Health and Creativity

Appraising team health and creativity might seem like a simple matter. So long as the company numbers look good and you’re hitting your KPIs, it might be safe to assume that your teams are working together at an optimal level.

The truth is, however, that the hard numbers and performance indicators can only reveal so much, and if organizations want an accurate way to measure the health, creativity, and collaborative chemistry of their teams, they will likely need the help of an employee assessment model.

Employee assessments are helpful in a number of situations, including helping a team evaluate the compatibility of a new hire with their current team or reviewing existing team members to evaluate their long-term potential or level of motivation within a company. 

This article will look at how employee assessments can help determine the health and creativity of your employees. 

Key Metrics for Evaluating Soft/Qualitative Data

Soft or Qualitative KPIs are assessment indicators that aren’t measured by numbers. Qualitative KPIs look at various business procedures or processes to determine how functional aspects of a business are. 

Examples of qualitative KPIs include: 

  • Data gathered from surveys
  • Customer reviews
  • Social media interactions
  • Employee reviews
  • Comments left on your website
  • Information gathered from employees during team meetings 
  • Brand recognition 

Organizations can rely on pretty much any form of communication, whether it be from an employee or customer, through any of their in-person or digital platforms to gain qualitative data regarding the health of their team or business. 

Employee Assessments Standards

You can utilize a defined set of teamwork and collaborative criteria to assess employees and benefit from qualitative evaluations. Standards to assess team members by could include:

Responsibility & Accountability

Outside of hard numbers, you can see how reliable employees are in terms of hitting their deadlines, clocking in on time, showing up to meetings on time, and doing their part on collaborative projects.

Work Ethic

When your employees are present and functioning in their roles, how much effort are they putting in? How available do they make themselves to their colleagues? When asked to do something outside the scope of their expected workload, how do they respond? 

Ability to learn

For a business to grow, expand, and evolve, their employees must be able to grow and learn as individuals and professionals. You can assess how they react to criticism, whether or not they take advantage of training opportunities, and how much they seek guidance through their seniors and advisors. 

Communication skills

How do your employees communicate with their colleagues and advisors? Are they engaged and active listeners? Do they work well in group settings? If communication is pivotal to teamwork, looking at how your employees engage with other team members is a clear and concrete way to assess their collaborative potential.

While there are ways to utilize technology and HR solutions for employee assessment, there are a plethora of qualitative measurement opportunities that employers should be taking advantage of. The above metrics are just a few ways that employers can begin assessing the creative and collaborative potential of their employees from the comfort of their office. 

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Employee Assessments to Measure Qualitative Metrics

Employers can also benefit from cutting-edge HR solutions to qualitatively assess the compatibility of applicants and new hires. Intelligent hiring tools, like Crosschq, give you the capabilities to select applicants from a vetted and qualified talent pipeline, as well as utilize reference check questions. CRM and ATS capabilities are seamlessly integratable, giving you everything you need to find the best candidates for your position.

When assessing candidates in the interview phase, you can verify their information, references, and resumes with powerful analytics capabilities, ensuring that no hiring or interview red flags go unnoticed. Crosschq’s ML & AI feedback loops and reporting features minimize bias and enhance the hiring process by enabling hiring teams to make informed hiring decisions. 

Crosschq is The Tool for Employee Assessments

Crosschq understands just how costly and time consuming bad hires can be. We believe that Human Intelligence Hiring™ is the future when it comes to company talent, and our platform is dedicated to ensuring you never have to waste time, energy, or resources on bad hires again.

Crosschq’s cloud-based solution is fully integratable and can help companies enhance their self-assessment processes, digital references, culture matching, systems integrations, and more.

Sign up for a demo with one of our HR technology experts to see how Crosschq can help your team today.

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