Sourcing Intelligence in Recruiting

While quantitative hiring metrics (time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, etc.) are still important, there’s a big shift in recruitment to use AI to help..

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December Blog Round-Up

December was a great month from Quality of Hire, Recruiting, Candidate Experience, Recruiting Collaboration, Pipeline Management, and more! Here's a..

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4 Ways Crosschq Helps Make Data Make Sense

When it comes to talent acquisition, all of the data and technology available can sometimes seem overwhelming if you’re a recruiter or hiring..

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The Future of Workforce Recruitment: Diversity and Distribution

As the Great Refresh settles into its new groove, the distributed workforce has come into its own. More workers than ever will be based remotely at..



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Crosschq Acquired TalentWall. Here's Why That's Good News for Talent Leaders...

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Crosschq Data Labs: Can Pre-Hire Candidate Assessments Predict Post-Hire Performance?

At Crosschq, our Data Lab is constantly examining different facets of the talent intelligence process. We consistently find correlations between..

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6 Things Your Talent Intelligence Tools Must Do to Hire the Right People, Faster

Are you focusing on enhancing your toolkit to improve your recruitment processes? If so, you may be investing in talent intelligence tools. Here are..

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Talent Intelligence Strategy: Smarter Hiring = Long-Term Retention

Talent intelligence strategy should be the driving force behind every talent-related action, from acquisition to recruitment to retention. It helps..

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