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The Importance of Layoff Assistance

Layoffs are never easy, but with a layoff assist solution, like Crosschq Assist, you can provide support for employees and help them bridge the next step in their careers. 

Below is everything you need to know about the importance of layoff assistance and how to implement a layoff assistance program. 

What is layoff assistance?

Layoff assistance is a proactive process wherein you provide additional support that you have to let go of. You can support employees, maintain your brand, and demonstrate your commitment to the wellbeing and success of all your employees, even the ones you have to lay off. 

A layoff assistance program will connect employees to a sourcing database, qualified recruiters, and consultation from assistance representatives, among other benefits.

Why should employers offer layoff assistance?

A McKinsey survey of 2,000 US companies found that 65 percent of companies resorted to layoffs in order to deal with the impact of the Great Recession and its aftermath. With a high possibility of a recession in the next year, it’s important for business leaders to be prepared for another mass-layoff climate. 

Getting laid off is obviously an emotional and difficult experience for any employee, but it can also negatively impact your existing workforce. Another study by the University of Canterbury found that employees who survived a series of layoffs were 41 percent less satisfied at work, 36 percent less loyal, and 20 percent less productive

Layoff assistance programs are important not just for the employees you let go of, but they can benefit your current workforce and workplace culture. 


The benefits of layoff assistance for employees

The employees who are laid off will often benefit the most from layoff assistance programs. They get access to recruiters, job boards, sourcing databases, consultants, and a team of assistance representatives ready to help them make that next step in their careers.

Being laid off can be extremely stressful and anxiety-inducing for anyone, so having an assist program in place will provide the support employees need to move forward with confidence. 

The benefits of layoff assistance for your employer brand

Especially in the digital era, it only takes one employee to make an emotional online post about a poor layoff experience for your brand to be negatively depicted. If you provide your employees the support they need during a difficult layoff, you’ll maintain your brand and loyalty not just with existing employees, but with your current employees and their social circles. 

Layoff assistance programs can also deter employees from taking legal action because of the additional support you provide them. Any kind of litigation will typically mean bad press, lower employee morale, and a negative brand image. 

The benefits of layoff assistance for company morale

Lower employee morale leads to less engagement, productivity, and loyalty. With an assistance program, however, you’re demonstrating your commitment to your employees. Positive workplace culture starts and ends with how you treat your employees, especially in difficult situations. 

An assistance program is one way you can treat employees more fairly and show them a level of support that will build trust and confidence in your organization. 

The benefits of layoff assistance for future talent acquisition

If you have high employee morale, a positive brand image, and a workforce that trusts you as an emplyer, you will be more attractive in the eyes of future talent. You’ll not only improve your image and brand name through an assistance program, but you’ll also have access to databases from other employees who were laid off from your competitors. 

Crosschq Assist has everything you need for seamless layoff assistance

If you’re wondering how to implement an assistance program for your organization, Crosschq has you covered. Crosschq assist will connect your employees to recruiters backed by 1,500+ hiring organizations, secure opt-in databases for recruiting connections, and set-up assistance to guide them through the platform. 

Support your employees by bridging them in the next step in their careers, maintaining your brand and morale, and joining a nationally recognized hiring community with Crosscqh Assist today.

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