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Recruitment Excellence Survey

Recruitment Excellence Survey: What Level of Recruitment Excellence Are You On?

Recruitment has radically shifted over the past few decades, as the rise of advanced technology and software and the move from a traditional to a distributed workforce has changed the face of hiring. Are you achieving excellence in recruitment, or are you lagging behind?


This quick survey can help you evaluate your organization's recruitment excellence ranking, and highlight areas that could use some improvement.


  1. Does your latest job description use the word “guru”, “ninja”, or “unicorn”?


(Y 1 points)  (N 5 points)  


Unclear job descriptions leading to “the work is not what I expected” reactions are a leader in why new hires walk away less than 6 months after starting a new job. Job descriptions that use meaningless words like genius or rockstar don’t relay concrete information about role expectations, and can lead to lack of clarity when it comes time for an employee to buckle down and get things done. Your job descriptions should always use clear descriptors of the job, the title, the role, and the tasks expected to be performed by a new hire.


  1. Does your organization's typical time to offer exceed 3 weeks?


(Y 1 point)  (N 5 points) 


More than 40% of hiring managers take over a month to make a job offer, but nearly 80% of the time, job offers are rejected after more than three weeks have passed since the candidate applied. Many candidates simply become discouraged and move on, and top job candidates reject offers primarily because of accepting another job offer. 


  1. Is your company recruiting diverse candidates?


(Y 5 points)  (N 1 point)


Diversity in hiring is becoming a cornerstone for companies to differentiate themselves both in innovation and financial success. Companies with greater gender diversity outperform less diverse companies by 25%, and companies with ethnic diversity outperform peers of less diverse companies by 36% - with a strong correlation between diversity and improved financial revenues. Analytics can help you dig deeper into your company metrics and see how your hiring practices line up.


  1. Are you using automation in talent acquisition yet? 


(Y 5 points)  (N 1 point)


Using automation to help you source potential applicants, reference check your candidates, and analyze new hires can shorten your time to hire, reduce cost of hiring, and improve employee retention and quality of hire. Without automation, your HR department can spend days filling a single role. Time to fill is the top priority for talent acquisition leaders, but 61% of employers report it’s now taking at least two weeks longer to hire than it did pre-pandemic, so consider adding technology or software that deliver automation to help streamline your hiring process.


  1. Have you been ghosted by one or more candidates this month?


(Y 1 point)  (N 5 points) 


Speeding up the recruitment process is vital to not missing out on top talent, which can stay on the market for as little as 10 days before being made an offer they decide to accept. Shortening time to hire by identifying the best candidates and moving fast to complete reference checking and other pre-hire tasks can help you snag higher qualified candidates.


Does your organization achieve excellence in recruiting?


So…Where do you fall on the recruitment excellence scale?


5-9 points - Trailing the pack: Find ways to improve recruitment processes or you’ll lose top talent to your competitors. 


13-17 points - Sprinting: you’re on your way to recruitment excellence, but there are still a few areas you can improve on.


21-25 points -: Boston Marathon Winner: You’ve got both speed and staying power, and are winning the recruitment race for the best candidates.

Automation in talent acquisition can boost your recruitment excellence score and help you diversify your workforce, while shortening time to hire and helping you pull candidates from a motivated and qualified talent pool. To learn more about how Crosschq can help you improve your recruitment game, request a free demo today.

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