Three Analytics Features to Improve Quality of Hire

by Mark Ko
Three Analytics Features to Improve Quality of Hire

At Crosschq, continual product improvement and enhancement is how we keep paving the way towards the talent intelligence of the future. Data and analytics are increasingly the focus points for improving quality of hire and increasing retention. The latest updates to Crosschq Analytics are designed to specifically improve diversity and quality of hire.


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Crosschq Analytics – Benchmarking

Crosschq Analytics

We have successfully launched the industry’s first Quality of Hire (QoH) benchmarks. You can use these benchmarks to compare your company’s key hiring and performance metrics to your industry peers. Our growing benchmark dataset covers:

  • Quality of Hire
  • Diversity hire trends
  • Performance
  • Retention
  • … and more. 


Quality of hire has been one of the most difficult metrics for companies to accurately define, track, and measure. With Crosschq Analytics, you can now access and act on data about your new hires to improve retention and adjust your parameters for the next round of recruitment.

Crosschq Analytics

Crosschq Analytics – Filters and Cohorts

We’ve also added the ability for filtering and segmentation to all dashboards within our Analytics module. Filtering lets you easily set up and save cohorts based on a wide range of parameters, including:

  • Recruiting source
  • DEI class
  • Start date range
  • Department
  • … and more.

Stop going back to the drawing board for each round of hiring. With segmentation and cohorts saved in your system, you can easily set up new hiring campaigns with the focus on specific areas that can use improvement, from diversity to desired candidate sources.


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Crosschq Analytics - Predictive KPIs

Crosschq Analytics

Our new Expected New Hire Completion Rate KPI utilizes machine learning to provide the predicted percentage of new hires in a cohort that will remain employed through their first year. This can help you in projecting hiring planning, giving you a baseline of where you’ll be with new hires over the next 365 days. 

We expect to provide many more predictive KPIs going forward, helping you use the wealth of data at your disposal to make data-driven decisions about hiring and onboarding. KPIs can assist in all stages of the hiring funnel, showing you where and how to reduce time to hire and cost to hire and improve employee productivity and retention.

Have a question about a recent Crosschq product update, or a suggestion for a feature or module you’d like to see offered? Reach out to us or request a demonstration with a product specialist for any of our products today.

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