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Top 5 Candidate Closing Techniques in a Competitive Market

The recruitment process in today's labor market is challenging. Low unemployment and scarce in-demand talent make it a candidate's market making hiring very competitive. The available high-potential candidates know their worth, and more often, they are negotiating with different organizations. 

However, having the necessary candidate closing techniques can make all the difference. The following techniques will help you improve your candidate closing significantly. 

Candidate Closing Technique #1: Always Be Closing 

It has been said countless times, but it is still relevant today for you in every recruitment cycle's stage, always be closing. You must understand the candidate's pain points and also their level of interest in the position. For this, you have to be very specific on the questions you ask them. 

For instance, if you want to determine what matters most to them and what changes they wish for, you can accomplish this by asking them to list three things they would change in their last or current position. Also, assess their level of interest in the position you are offering. 

Candidate Closing Technique #2: Know the Market

The low unemployment and scarce niche talent make the market very competitive. You can be sure that the top talent candidate you are looking to place will receive or has already received multiple offers. 

Therefore, you need to carefully evaluate your offer to ensure you do not under-offer, which could lower your chances of a successful candidate closing. 

Your offer should match the competitor's, and recruiters should be ready to give counter-offers if they do not want to lose high in-demand talent. 

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Candidate Closing Technique #3: Shorten the Process

It may seem like a valid reason not to make an on-the-spot offer for fear of looking desperate. However, it always works against you as recruitment is a competition, and as in any competition, the fastest wins.

New hiring technology like Crosschq 360 digital reference checks can speed up your hiring process by up to 95% compared to manual checks.

Both candidates and their references take assessments created by IO Psychologists earlier in the hiring process -- not as a last afterthought. With unconscious bias removed, you now make informed hiring decisions based on enriched data and be ready to move quickly when ready to make an offer. 

A hiring manager who presents their offers after the final interview before the candidate leaves the office shows decisiveness. 

Ensure you make the candidate feel comfortable by choosing a time and place they are okay with. When you make an offer in person – they are more likely to accept. 

Candidate Closing Technique #4: Make the Candidate Feel Wanted

The candidate can get the money you are offering from several different companies. You can gain an edge by presenting the candidate with a “wow” factor. Make sure it is something they really want so they can't refuse. 

By carefully studying your candidate from the start of the recruitment process so you notice things that you may use to your advantage later. 

Making candidates feel wanted will be the tiebreaker, and it is crucial as the remuneration of in-demand talent is usually the same across the board. The hiring manager should be present at all stages to show the candidate they are excited about having them in the company.

Candidate Closing Technique #5: Add a Bonus to the Offer

Adding a surprise in the process can go a long way in helping you close. At this point, your candidate already understands the offer. 

Adding a bonus like work-from-home Fridays, if you are a company that works exclusively in the office or assigning them a dedicated office assistant or intern may make them more inclined to accept your offer. It also shows your company is willing to do everything it can to see their employees succeed and be happy. 

Candidates are more likely to share this news with friends and family, who will encourage them to take the offer. Other perks like stock, health & wellness benefits, title bumps, and other unique benefits can further push top candidates to join your company. 

Key Takeaway 

Candidate closing techniques, when executed correctly, have the potential to increase your closing rate significantly. In the current labor market, you need all the skills to close high-potential candidates before the competition. 

Automating your recruitment system frees up time you can spend on candidate closing. Chat with a team expert for more information on how our Talent Intelligence Cloud™ solutions can help you better recruit, source, and retain top talent.

Carla Firpo

by Carla Firpo

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