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Quality of Hire Hiring Intelligence

How to Use Quality of Hire to Drive Better Business Outcomes

Quality of Hire (QoH) is far more than an important hiring metric. If you believe that your company is only as good as its people, QoH becomes an important business metric that everyone should care...
Talent Acquisition Hiring Intelligence

Spillin' the tea with Alison Kaizer

Welcome to another segment of Spillin' the Tea, where we sit down with a member from our Tea on Talent community, Crosschq's exclusive user community! Today were spillin' the tea with Alison Kaizer,...
Tools Quality of Hire Recruiting Hiring Intelligence

Climbing the Maturity Curve: Mastering Hiring Intelligence

The latest advantage recruiters and people leaders have in the battle for top talent is Hiring Intelligence. With the right data and analytics, Hiring Intelligence helps you hire the right person for...