There's a Better Way to Hire

With reimagined online reference checking and robust talent analytics, Crosschq is the top recruitment software to help you build winning, diverse teams.


  • Pre-hire employee reference checking

  • Candidate referral network

  • Onboarding

  • New hire analytics

  • Closed-loop measurement

"Crosschq's robust platform delivers 360 degree candidate evaluations with insightful data."

Julie Coucoules
Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Blend

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The ROI of High Quality Candidates

When it comes to identifying a high-quality candidate, it can be a challenge to gauge their performance simply because you have not experienced their work firsthand. It’s even more challenging when...
Quality of Hire Crosschq 360 Reference Check Candidate Assessments

Key Candidate Quality Indicators

Choosing the right candidates for your open position is sometimes a challenge. You need a candidate who has the right hard skills, soft skills, and personality to be successful in your open position,...
Quality of Hire Crosschq 360 Hiring Strategy New Hire Analytics

Why to Start Investing in Candidate Quality Measurements

As the employment market grows increasingly competitive, employers need new tools to gauge candidates and ensure that they are investing in the right talent for their organization. It's no longer...