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Filling Your Candidate Pipeline With Quality Candidates: A Look at Crosschq Recruit

Are you experiencing challenges in sourcing qualified candidates, especially from high-demand talent pools? According to the LinkedIn Global Recruitment Survey, 46% of hiring managers also cite sourcing as a major challenge. Though the unemployment rate is currently high, the competition for top talent in the mid and high-level positions is even higher. 

To ensure you are ahead of the competition, it’s imperative to leverage quality candidate pipeline tools. In this article, we explore Crosschq Recruit.

How Does Crosschq Recruit Work?

Crosschq Recruit helps you to build your candidate pipeline with minimal effort. For every reference check carried out by Crosschq, there is an opt-in option for the referees. If you are reference checking a high-quality candidate, the referees will have a high likelihood of also being from the same industry. They include managers, peers, and direct reports of your candidate.

Let’s look at Recruit by the numbers:

  • 55% of referees opt into Crosschq Recruit, so  filling your talent pipeline takes no time 
  • About 80% of these candidates are actively looking for new roles 
  • 70% of them often find new positions within 30 days. 
  • 85% of customers have reported making at least one Crosschq Recruit hire within 90 days

In addition to being a great way to source and manage candidates passively, it is cost effective.  

Benefits of Using Crosschq Recruit

Some of the benefits include:

Crosschq Recruit Benefit #1. Eliminates the need for sourcing

Sourcing is a time-consuming and tedious process. It can also be costly as you have to write proper job descriptions and pay the right channels to advertise. 

Screening a candidate's skills to see if they match the available positions can also be a headache for recruiters. However, since it is a process that you cannot avoid, the next best thing is adopting a passive means of building your candidate pipeline. 

Using Recruit, you will effortlessly build your talent pipeline. You also have access to a massive list of candidates opted-in from our employee referral network.

Did you know that 55% of candidates referred to you are easier to hire?

Recruit 2

Crosschq Recruit Benefit #2. Cost-effective  

You may need to spend about 25% to 35% of a hire's annual base salary to pay a recruiter. This figure can significantly rise when hiring multiple candidates, even more if your employee turnover is high. 

Often, high employee turnover occurs when you are not using the right tools to help you. Recruit reduces the cost significantly by availing screened candidates passively. It also eliminates the need for expenses such as advertising open positions.

Crosschq Recruit Benefit #3. Saves time  

Recruiters spend about 13 hours a week on a single role, with about 33% of them spending 20 hours. You can use this time to do other income-generating activities. Free up this time for you and your employees by simply tapping into the wide range of talent available in our employee referral network. 

When you convert this time into money, you can just imagine how much money you can be saving. The more recruiters whom your company has engaged, the more considerable the savings.

Crosschq Recruit Benefit #4. Valuable candidates insights

Recruit provides data-driven, human-intelligent comprehensive candidate profiles to help you make the right hiring decisions. The data includes crucial information in the hiring process, such as education, past performance, and soft skills. The candidate pipeline tool raises red flags on potentially unsuitable candidates. With this data, you can confidently progress in the recruitment process.

In addition, the software easily integrates into your existing CRM and ATS. Talk to us to learn more about how Crosschq can reduce your talent sourcing time and save you money.

Daniel Dean

by Daniel Dean

Contributing Writer

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