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The Hiring Intelligence Maturity Curve: Where do you sit?

Welcome to week #2 in our Hiring Intelligence Fast-Track Blog Series

Hiring Intelligence is not one of those binary things where you either have it or you don’t. It’s quite complex, and everyone starts somewhere. 

To illustrate the point, here’s the Hiring Intelligence Maturity Curve. 

Hiring Intelligence Maturity Curve


Most Talent Acquisition and Human Resources leaders only have the tech and reporting tools that offer basic recruiting data and reports, which forces them to remain reactive and operational.

You know you are here when you are relying on basic, off-the-shelf ATS reports, dashboards, and analytics. 

A truly strategic leader needs to have the right data and tools to empower them to connect hiring decisions to job performance

You know you are here when you are able to consistently predict which candidates turn into “A” players. 

 You may be thinking, “that’s impossible, I’ll never get there.”

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

In our next post in this Hiring Intelligence Fast-Track Series, we share some of the key metrics and benchmarks top talent leaders are using to up their game. 

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