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Do you have the right data to win the hiring battle?

Welcome to the first installment in our Hiring Intelligence Fast-Track Blog Series!

Are you hiring the right people, fast enough?

It’s a simple question that even some of the best talent acquisition and HR pros struggle to confidently answer. 

The truth is that the answer is very complex. And many companies build tools to try to solve it, but this has only led to more noise and distraction.

 With added pressure on HR & TA, leaders need clarity. 

Hiring Intelligence is the use of data and analytics to continuously inform and optimize the entire hiring process. 

Let’s break that down. 

The use of data and analytics: This includes candidate, recruiter, diversity and process data, as well as the analysis of different strategies and tactics.

To continuously inform and optimize: This is a closed-loop system that constantly learns and improves to make more informed decisions about where to find and how to hire the best candidates. 

The entire hiring process:  This includes every part of the hiring lifecycle from both the candidate's and recruiting team's perspective.  

We’re always thinking about how Hiring Intelligence can help talent leaders like yourself save time, save money, and be great at their job. And we have a TON of content that will help you do just that. 

So, come alone on this journey with us where we’ll share some of our latest thinking on how you can become a talent intelligence pro. 

In our next post in this Hiring Intelligence Fast-Track Series, we begin to break down the Hiring Intelligence Maturity Model. Read more about it here!

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