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Improve Your Processes For Hiring Remote Employees With The Talent Intelligence Cloud™

Improve Your Processes For Hiring Remote Employees With The Talent Intelligence Cloud™ 


As the Great Refresh continues to evolve, both companies and employees can benefit from the expansion of the previously rare and coveted telecommute. With employees now fully committed to finding more time for family and self in the face of shifting power structures, organizations are realizing it’s time to embrace remote work and focus on the benefits of a distributed workforce.


However, hiring remote employees is easier said than done. How do you attract, recruit, and retain top remote talent in a competitive labor market? You aren’t just hiring remote employees; you’re having to learn how to hire employees remotely, manage them remotely, and find ways to keep them engaged and motivated from a distance.

Why Hiring Remote Employees Is Important

The future of work is remote; that much is clear. During the pandemic, entire industries came to the realization that remote work wasn’t just an option to maintain business continuity; it was an opportunity quickly latched onto by a workforce tired of a daily commute.


Top talent now has leverage, and what they want is autonomy. If you aren’t hiring remote employees, your competitors almost certainly are, which is why you need processes in place to make sure you’re finding and securing skilled employees for your teams.


Understanding what makes a good remote worker is key to identifying and hiring the best people for your distributed workforce. Having the right tools and technology to successfully navigate the remote hiring process is critical to your organization’s success.

Where To Find Remote Candidates

Where can you find the best remote candidates? Start by assuming that most everyone would rather work remotely if given the choice, and review resumes with that in mind. However, you’ll have to recognize that just because a majority of employees would prefer to not come into a physical office 40 hours a week, it doesn’t mean all — or even most — of them are prepared to work efficiently as a remote employee.


Crosschq’s Talent Intelligence Cloud™ provides the perfect vehicle for finding remote candidates with the right skills to reach and maintain peak productivity without having to be continually monitored and guided. If you’re seeking to make remote hires that have a net positive impact on your organization, leveraging the latest in recruitment technology is the ideal place to start.

How To Surface The Best Remote Talent 

Previous performance is a good indicator of work ethic, but not every worker who has excelled in an office will excel in a remote position. Feedback from managers and peers who worked with an employee previously can be a better indicator as to whether or not a candidate is a self starter or works well with minimal supervision. 


Crosschq 360 delivers a digital reference checking solution that integrates smoothly with your ATS and seamlessly facilitates reference checking on remote candidates. Reference checks are vital to getting a clear picture of a candidate’s soft skills, including their potential to work autonomously as part of a remote team. 


Using Crosschq 360 to drive your talent search lets you drill down through the crowd of potential remote workers to find candidates already proven to thrive with more freedom. Remote talent’s time on the market can be fleeting, so reduce your overall turnaround by up to 85% and find your next new hire before your competition does.

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Who To Turn To For Recruitment Help  

If you need remote talent to fill gaps in your organization and you need roles filled yesterday, you can readily find perfect candidates ready for opportunity by using Crosschq Recruit. Talent that has opted in to this pool is diverse, skilled, and eager for opportunity.


  • 80% of opt-in candidates actively seek a new role within 90 days
  • 70% of these job-seeking candidates accept new roles in 30 days
  • 85% of Crosschq customers make a Recruit hire within their first 90 days


Using Crosschq Recruit lets you gain deep insights into potential employees without spending hours on the recruitment process. It’s a turnkey solution designed to fill skills gaps in your organization with accelerated time to hire and results that stand the test of time.

Why Analytics Is Critical For Evaluating Remote Hires

How do you know if your remote hires are having a positive impact on your organization? Crosschq Analytics is designed to help you track new recruits across various metrics, including Quality of Hire, performance, and retention.


With access to more than 80 standard visualizations, you can leverage Crosschq Analytics’ instant insights into hiring and performance to identify where remote hiring is working and where improvements can be made to your processes. 


Analyzing data about your remote hires can help you identify potential quick quits and high performers so you can prepare to replace or promote as needed, and be ready to fill gaps as they appear. Understanding which hiring channels are best at bringing in top remote talent allows you to refine and refocus your efforts for continued success.

Beyond The Technology: Shifting Mindsets

Crosschq’s Talent Intelligence Cloud™ provides the edge you need to effectively identify, secure, and keep quality remote talent working for you, but it’s just one side of the equation. To make a remote workforce truly fit into your organizational culture, your culture may have to change. 


The key to integrating remote employees into your workforce hinges on a willingness to adopt new, advanced mindsets on the part of HR and recruiters. The same old tactics don’t apply anymore, and new skillsets are needed internally to recognize and nurture remote employees for long-term retention and productivity.  


Finding ways to marry old processes and new ones in the realm of recruitment is what Crosschq does best. Our connectors and partnerships allow you to keep working with all of the tools you already use. While adding powerful options to your recruitment toolbox. 

To learn more about Crosschq and how to integrate our tools and technologies into your remote candidate search, contact one of our talent specialists or request a free demo today.

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