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The Future of Workforce Recruitment: Diversity and Distribution

As the Great Refresh settles into its new groove, the distributed workforce has come into its own. More workers than ever will be based remotely at least part-time, with an estimate that 25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022, and remote opportunities will continue to increase through 2023.


In addition, 35% of HR leaders say diversity, equity, and inclusion are among their top five priorities for 2022. Meanwhile, Gen Z is the most diverse generation in U.S. history with only 52% identifying as white in 2022, compared to 61% of Millennials in 2002. Gen Z is expected to become the majority in the workforce within the next ten years.

Recruitment Technology is Heavy on The Three A’s

Recruitment is increasingly data-driven, and that means that technology plays an enormous part in the future of hiring. AI, automation, and analytics are at the head of the line when it comes to innovation and advancements in the world of recruiting, particularly in relation to remote recruiting and hiring diversity.


Artificial intelligence is being fed vast amounts of recruitment data to help identify patterns in hiring and performance, from key identifiers of good candidates to understanding why new hires leave and how to retain them through their first year and beyond. AI can scan resumes, match skills and job openings in an ATS, and help track performance across a range of KPIs. Globally, 88% of companies already use AI at some point in their HR pipeline.

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Tasks that used to take days or even weeks are having their demands on human resources curtailed thanks to automation. Recruiters can depend on digital reference checking using tools like Crosschq 360, which can cut down the time spent following up on candidate references by as much as 95% and strips bias out of the equation, making it a critical tool for hiring remotely.



The enormous amount of data available on candidates allows organizations to get an in-depth view at both how their hiring is going and how candidates are panning out. Tools like Crosschq Analytics and Crosschq TalentWall™ help provide visibility into the recruiting pipeline, delivering insights on diversity of hiring, quality of hire, candidate engagement, and employee churn.

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It’s difficult to walk the fine line between hiring fast and hiring the best person for the job. Each side has its own pitfalls when companies get it wrong: 




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Implementing the three A’s can help your company source, hire, and retain top talent remotely. Technology allows you to accomplish this faster than your competition while improving the quality of hires across your distributed workforce. Committing to this strategy can also help you attract and hire diverse candidates, by removing unconscious bias from the process.


Talent Intelligence: Your Recruitment Superpower

Adopting a Talent Intelligence platform is the best way to accomplish faster, more accurate remote recruiting while improving workforce diversity and remaining competitive in a challenging labor market.  


While it’s possible to rip and replace your existing systems with an all-in-one solution, this path can be messy and cause massive resistance from within your organization as staff is forced to discard trusted systems and learn an entirely new one. An estimated 70% of change efforts fail outright — often due to employee resistance.


Another option is to build your own talent Intelligence platform, but this can be prohibitively costly and you still have the same issue as you did with buying a ready-made all-in-one system: namely, a learning curve and resistance to change on the part of your workforce.


Layering new tools across your existing systems and platforms to create a solution that still is familiar and easy to use while streamlining clunky legacy processes is the ideal solution. Crosschq’s product offerings fill the gaps in your technology stack, making everything work together smoothly and ensuring you don’t miss key insights buried within your candidate data.


The end result is a platform tailor-made to support remote hiring while driving robust diversity recruitment initiatives. Your organization can attract and retain the talent it needs, and your HR department and recruiters will be able to balance their workflows and use their time more effectively. 


If you’re still in the process of retooling your talent pipeline and recruitment processes or simply don’t have time to spare, there’s an additional option to help you hire fast and maintain quality of hire.


Crosschq Recruit gives you access to a ready-to-onboard talent pool full of diverse candidates, many of whom are eager for remote opportunities. It’s the ideal solution for when you need great talent, fast.

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Is your company struggling with hiring remotely, improving diversity in recruitment, or both? Streamline your recruitment pipeline and gain deeper insights into your DEIB efforts with Crosschq. Request a demonstration today.

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