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This is How to Hire Highly Qualified, Diverse Candidates - Fast

Hiring highly qualified, diverse candidates quickly and efficiently is every recruiter’s goal and every hiring manager’s dream. With Crosschq Recruit, you can leverage a pre-built talent pool opted in from candidates’ own professional networks, alongside a comprehensive view of your talent pipeline using Crosschq TalentWall.


This is invaluable when you’re seeking to fill open positions quickly and increase diversity at the same time. A combination of Crosschq products will help you to enhance your DEIB initiatives and increase recruiter productivity while maintaining Quality of Hire (QoH).

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How It Works

All Crosschq products are designed to integrate seamlessly with your applicant tracking system (ATS) or candidate relationship management (CRM) platform.


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First, use Crosschq TalentWall to look at your current candidate pool and identify where diversity is lacking. TalentWall overlays your ATS, surfacing just the data you need at any specific time, and presenting it as a dashboard that updates bi-directionally in real-time. 


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Highlight where you need a more diverse candidate selection, then turn to Crosschq Recruit to source talent that is ready to step into a fresh role. Thanks to our crossover functionality with Crosschq 360, every candidate will have already opted-in for fast, easy digital reference checking, which automatically helps eliminate unconscious bias.


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Pull your candidates from Recruit into your ATS, and return to TalentWall to watch your candidates progress through the hiring funnel. You can track how diversity is maintained or dwindles as they go from step to step, and pinpoint where fall-off occurs to identify potential diversity roadblocks in your funnel.




Once you’ve made a hire, stay on top of their experience with your company and increase retention using Crosschq Analytics. You’ll be able to track engagement, performance, satisfaction, and experience with your DEIB initiative while gathering critical QoH data that can inform your future hiring efforts.

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Benefits of Using Crosschq Tools

It’s easy to streamline your recruitment process with these integrative tools. Hiring managers can get a fast look at the big picture from an executive view, and dive deeper into “problem areas” if a department isn’t seeing progress or a specific role is staying stubbornly unfilled.


Communication can be increased with a simple green, yellow, and red status indicator, that lets managers and recruiters know a candidate needs engagement to prevent losing them. Crosschq TalentWall’s built-in calculator can reveal important metrics like Cost per Hire and show you if too many unqualified candidates are making it to the interview stage. 


  • Crosschq Recruit increases hires from underrepresented groups by as much as 200%
  • Crosschq TalentWall provides an ATS command center with ZERO need for extra clicks or tabs
  • Crosschq 360 reduces time required to initiate and complete reference checks by 95%
  • A whopping 80% of our customers end up making at least one hire from Recruit  
  • Crosschq Analytics can improve your company-wide 1-year retention by as much as 12%  

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Noelle Davis

by Noelle Davis

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