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How Human Intelligence Hiring Is Key to Building a Great Workforce

Building the perfect workforce in today's evolving labor market is more challenging than ever. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have taken recruitment and hiring to a whole new level. Smart data collection, meaningful assessments,  advanced analytics, and automation of repetitive tasks allow HR teams to eliminate unnecessary busywork in order to focus on candidate quality and employee retention. 

AI products like Crosschq 360, Crosschq Recruit, and Crosschq Analytics offer a host of benefits for your HR division, from increased efficiency and reduced unconscious bias to enhanced quality of hire and improved employee morale. There is no doubt that when used properly, AI can make the hiring process faster, easier, and more productive than traditional methods. 

Pitfalls of Using AI Over Human Intelligence for Your Recruitment and HR Operations

With so many advantages, it is no wonder that the use of AI in HR and recruitment has skyrocketed over the past few years. 

In fact, according to a 2021 McKinsey Global Survey, 56% of companies surveyed have incorporated some form of AI into their operations. A full 6% of those AI upgrades were for HR operations. Although it may seem as though full automation is the inevitable outcome of advanced HR technology, human intelligence is still crucial for a successful recruiting and hiring strategy. 

When you only use AI in your recruitment operations, you lose the valuable insights that only a human can provide. AI can only look for specific terms and parameters as defined in its programming. When it is used as the only means of prioritizing and selecting potential candidates, AI can easily overlook useful skills and experiences that don't fit within these parameters. 

Learning bias is another concern with AI-only hiring programs. Although AI is often used to eliminate hiring biases, learning programs can take bias that is modeled by human users and amplify it. 

To avoid the kinds of pitfalls inherent in any artificial intelligence program, it is important to leverage human intelligence with your AI-based tools. When you use specialized AI programs like Crosschq in conjunction with human intelligence hiring, you can eliminate these pitfalls and streamline HR operations in order to build the perfect team. 

How Human Intelligence Hiring Helps You Attract Top Talent

Human intelligence hiring makes use of the human ability to think, learn, extrapolate, and adapt to a variety of cues, including vocal inflection, verbal context, facial expression, body language, and environment. The ability to understand concepts, solve problems, and adapt to new circumstances differentiates people from AI. 

In addition, humans understand colloquial and cultural references and can evaluate a candidate's personality, enthusiasm, energy levels from an in-person interview.

While a candidate may look good "on paper" to AI, meaning they have the qualifications, experience, and knowledge necessary to do the job, only a human recruiter or hiring manager can determine whether they would be a good fit for the company culture. 

Human HR professionals conduct one-on-one interviews and evaluate soft skills in a way that AI cannot. 


Human Intelligence Recruiting Alone is Not the Solution

Human intelligence has many benefits in recruitment and HR. A human connection lets candidates feel valued, and it allows recruiters to gauge soft skills and personality. 

However, human intelligence has its own set of pitfalls. With human evaluations, whether it's resume review, checking references, or interviewing, there is strong risk for implicit bias. Even with the best of intentions, bias can creep into the decision-making process, which can cause you to overlook potential high-performing candidates. 

AI systems like Crosschq’s eliminate the potential for naturally occurring human bias by assessing and selecting candidates based on specific criteria. 

In addition, with AI candidate screening, you can rest assured that the individuals who reach the interview point have already met the fundamental requirements for the position.

Build a Successful Workforce by Fusing Artificial and Human Intelligence

Although human intelligence and AI for HR and recruiting each offer their own unique advantages for building a great workforce, the ideal solution lies in finding the perfect blend of AI and human intelligence. 

Fortunately, HR-centric programs like Crosschq are designed in a way that allows you to balance your use of AI and human intelligence to suit your particular needs.

For example, if your company is in the hospitality or customer service industry, your recruitment strategy may require a greater degree of human intelligence in the form of in-person interviews. Human interaction during in-person interviews is crucial for determining whether a candidate will be a good fit in a customer-oriented position.

If, on the other hand, you are a tech company that is looking to expand a team of technicians or software developers, your hiring process will focus less on soft skills. In this case, you may rely more on AI for comprehensive knowledge assessments, prior work experience, and references. 

Partner With Crosschq to Achieve the Perfect Balance Between Human Intelligence and AI

When it comes to building your ideal workforce, every industry has different needs, and every company has its own unique requirements. With user-friendly data collection and analytics and state-of-the-art AI assistance, Crosschq can help you achieve the right ratio of AI to human intelligence, so you can create the most successful strategy for your hiring needs.

Enhance your company's human intelligence with Crosschq AI technology and data analytics. With our state-of-the-art HR management software, you establish the perfect balance between human intelligence and AI by automating repetitive duties, improving data collection and analysis, and enhancing person-to-person communication. 

Use Crosschq 360 talent acquisition, Recruit candidate referral, and data Analytics to create a successful recruiting and hiring strategy with the perfect human-to-AI balance. 

To learn how Crosschq's data analysis and customizable AI technology can enhance human intelligence and boost the quality of your company's workforce, contact us today to schedule your demo.

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by Daniel Dean

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