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Quiz: What Type of Recruiter Are You? 5 Easy Steps to Go from Zero to Hero

Recruitment is a field that is rapidly changing. Recruiters must be able to adapt, adjust, and upskill themselves to meet new challenges and procure the workforce of the future. You may be fairly new to the recruitment space, or you may have been recruiting for years. In either case, you’ll need specialized skills to stay competitive. Whether or not you reach superhero status as a recruiter will depend on whether or not you can achieve the following 5 steps:

Step 1: Time Management

Time management is critical for recruiters, who have to cram hours of administrative tasks, sourcing, screening, follow-up, and more into every day. Using tools to help automate tasks and align schedules can help you prioritize activities that yield the highest ROI. Crosschq TalentWall™ helps recruiters see at a glance where their pipeline needs attention, so they can prioritize, while  Crosschq 360 reduces the time needed to check up on candidates’ skills and experience by up to 95%

Q: Are you managing your time well?

0 - You mean multi-tasking and drinking lots of caffeine?

5 - I’ve invested in tools and practices to streamline my recruitment funnels

1 - I’ve finally started using my online calendar for scheduling - that counts, right?

Step 2: Bias Avoidance

Unconscious bias is one of the biggest challenges in the recruitment space. From gender bias to ethnic or racial bias to discrimination against people with disabilities or older workers, it’s all too easy to miss or dismiss the reality of your own prejudices. Sometimes unconscious bias can be as subtle as nudging you to show favoritism to people who went to the same college! You can reduce bias by learning to write better, non-gendered job descriptions, and by utilizing tools like Crosschq 360 to help remove unconscious bias from candidate checking processes.

Q: Are you good at avoiding unconscious bias?

0 - Good at avoiding what, now?

5 - I use tools and knowledge to help prevent being unduly influenced by my own prejudices or preferences

1 - I just found out about unconscious biases and need to know more.

Step 3: Technology Adoption

The days of paper applications and resumes and in-person interviews are phasing out. It’s time to get on board with modern tools, like Applicant Tracking Systems, digital reference checking, remote interviewing, and data crunching software. You can up your recruiter game by embracing tools like Crosschq Analytics, which can give you insight into what types of candidates have worked out for companies in the past. Crosschq 360 and Crosschq TalentWall™ help you streamline and digitize processes for faster time-to-hire.

Q: Are you technologically savvy?

0 - I’m a traditionalist - who needs tach?

5 - Technology is my middle name and I love tools that make my life easier!

1 - I use Zoom for interviews, is that a good start?

HR Pipeline Management Survival GuideStep 4: Communication Skills

Being able to communicate quickly and effectively is key to being a good recruiter. You need to be able to stay on top of the needs and concerns of both hiring managers and candidates to provide a positive recruitment experience. Crosschq TalentWall™ is designed to do exactly that, helping you communicate easily with your hiring managers about the status of every job you’re filling, and reminding you to reach out to candidates so they don’t lose interest in the process.

Q: Are you a good communicator?

0 - Who has time to stay in touch with every candidate?

5 - I use tools to ensure I nurture candidates and update hiring managers regularly.

1 - I have to work overtime to field all the phone calls asking for updates…

Step 5: Future-Proofing

As a recruiter, there is a lot of pressure to hire quickly, especially with top candidates flying off the market in as little as 10 days. However, hiring the wrong person can mean fast churn, and recruitment costs add up quickly when employee turnover is high. Sourcing candidates who have opted into a talent pool can help speed hiring without sacrificing candidate quality. Crosschq Recruit integrates smoothly with your ATS, making it easy to add highly qualified candidates to the lineup and improve the chances of employee retention.

Q: Are you future-focused?

0 - It’s all about filling seats as fast as possible.

5 - My goal is to source candidates who will stay with their employers long-term.

1 - Ummm… my bonus depends on new hires making it past the 90-day mark.

What type of recruiter are you?

0-5 You’re like a Wolverine when it comes to recruitment - never giving up! That said, you have room for improvement.

6-15 Your Spidey senses are on point, but there are a few holes in the web you’ve spun to snare candidates. Time to fill some skills gaps!

16-25 It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SuperRecruiter! Whether you identify as a Wonder Woman, Iron Man, or Kid Quick, you’re doing a great job!

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