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Recruiting Quality Talent is Easier Than You Think: Meet Crosschq Recruit

Are you struggling to find high-value candidates to fill specific roles in your organization? Is recruitment costing your organization more than it can bear in a constant cycle of employee loss and rehiring, onboarding, and training?


Accelerated talent sourcing with Crosschq Recruit takes all the legwork out of the equation, delivering a highly qualified pool of hand-raising candidates who have already opted into the recruitment process and are waiting for offers.

Sourcing qualified, active candidates has never been easier

Crosschq Recruit has features other candidate sourcing tools and platforms don’t - like reference checking built into the hiring funnel so you can quickly identify your leaders for a given role and rank them according to their hard and soft skills.


Recruit acts like a straight arrow pipeline from the workforce to your organization’s HR department. No constant checking and rechecking of job boards or sorting through emails and stacks of candidate resumes and applications.

Typical Reference Check Questions

talent sourcing

Instead, Crosschq Recruit connects with your existing ATS, and funnels you to candidates that match your specifications, with real-time alerts sent through the channels you use most, like Slack. You’ll never miss out on a much-needed candidate because you missed a notification,


Want to scan through the pool for new talent to fill an as yet nebulous role? Enhanced search capabilities let you seek candidates with specialized capabilities to close skills gaps and make your team complete. 


Reduce your team's sourcing hours with Crosschq Recruit, and leverage reports and references already completed by managers, peers, and the candidates themselves. Hire with confidence and onboard before the competition even knows in-demand talent was on the table. 


Crosschq Recruit makes it easier to hire smarter, hire faster, and hire for retention, thanks to deep dive data on candidates' past performance, education, and soft skills plus recruiter insights for visibility into highlights and potential red flags.

Don’t settle for second best. Get top talent now with Crosschq Recruit. Ask for a free demo today.

Debra Carney

by Debra Carney

Director of Marketing

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