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Six Things Your Talent Acquisition Technology Needs To Do


Is your organization using talent acquisition technology to streamline better hiring processes? Talent acquisition technology can help you automate core processes, widen your pool of available talent, shorten time to hire, reduce the overall cost of hiring, increase employee engagement and retention, and analyze the performance of your hires to inform future hiring decisions.

What Is Talent Acquisition Technology?

Talent acquisition technology can range from a mobile app to a chatbot, from a CMS to a digital application form. Your organization may use only a few types of technology to support talent acquisition or dozens of tools and applications synced together to drive a holistic recruitment and hiring process. 

What Are The Recent Trends Used In Talent Acquisition Technology? 

Currently, the talent acquisition landscape is shifting more and more to artificial intelligence (AI) and automation when it comes to technological trends. However, human intelligence is also required for balance and effectiveness in hiring. Organizations are searching for talent in a highly competitive market, and are having to refine their approach to meet new and changing workforce needs. 


Top talent currently stays on the market for as few as ten days, making it critical to be able to identify, attract, and secure high-value candidates before your competitors do. Talent acquisition technology makes it easier to fill roles and encourages long-term retention, putting an end to the revolving door.

What Are The 6 Things Your Talent Acquisition Technology Should Do?

To be effective, your talent acquisition technology should provide you with an edge over the competition. It’s not enough to try and control hiring choices by utilizing social media or creating an app to facilitate easy applications. Every facet of recruitment and hiring needs to be driven by data and supported by the latest in talent acquisition technology.

1. Speed the hiring process

Time to hire is a critical metric. Hiring slowly is one of the fastest ways to lose high-value candidates to other companies. Your talent acquisition technology solutions should help you hire faster, smarter, and better, securing your top talent that will perform on a high level and reduce turnover with better retention. With Crosschq 360 digital reference checks, you can reduce the time needed to complete a single reference request by three days.

2. Widen your talent pooltalent acquisition technology

Choose technology partners that do the legwork for you. Crosschq Recruit maintains a massive pool of opt-in talent that is motivated and eager for advancement. You can reduce your team's sourcing hours with Crosschq's opt-in network of highly-qualified candidates who have already expressed an interest in being recruited and provided a wealth of information for your review. Remote work is coming into its own, and this trend is already making more talent available.  

3. Automate key steps

Processes like reference checking take valuable time and can stall out your recruitment process completely. However, skipping references simply isn’t an option, given the information you can receive from the process. Reference checks can tell you exactly what you most need to know about a candidate, from the quality of their work to how they fit into a diverse team dynamic. Crosschq 360 streamlines your reference-checking process, making it as easy to fill in those resume gaps with actionable data on your shortlisted candidates

4. Integrate with your other toolstalent acquisition technology

Don’t make your next talent acquisition technology addition be just one more stand-alone process. You need solutions that have plenty of integrative capabilities, so you can hook them into tools you already use and leverage. Crosschq connects smoothly to leading ATS, HRIS, communications, and security platforms.

5. Support DEIB initiatives

According to a Forbes study,  a diverse workforce is more productive earning 19% more revenue. Make diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging cornerstones of your hiring initiatives when building your teams to help grow your company more successfully. Crosschq helps remove unconscious bias in hiring, helping you hire talented individuals you might have otherwise overlooked. 

6. Help you track key hiring metricstalent acquisition technology

Understanding your hiring outcomes is critical to planning your future recruitment strategies. Crosschq Analytics makes it easier to see how your recruitment choices affect everything from productivity to retention and employee engagement (which can boost sales by up to 20%.) It’s a pre-built hiring data engine you’ve been waiting for.

Talent acquisition technology is driving the future of recruitment. Don’t let the competition get there before you do. To learn more about how Crosschq can help you modernize and streamline your recruitment funnel, contact us to request a free demo today.

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