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6 Things Your Talent Intelligence Tools Must Do to Hire the Right People, Faster

Are you focusing on enhancing your toolkit to improve your recruitment processes? If so, you may be investing in talent intelligence tools. Here are the six things they need to do to really help your investment pay off.

1. Surface best-match candidates

In a competitive hiring landscape, it can be difficult to find any qualified candidates at all. That fact coupled with the knowledge that every day a position is unfilled can be costing your organization money makes the speed of hiring a priority.

However, the cost of hiring the wrong candidate can be even more expensive. You could incur significant reductions in productivity and face the necessity to rehire after only a few months when your bad hire walks away and leaves your company short-staffed once again.

Crosschq gives you talent intelligence tools to help you find the best-matched candidates quickly. Our digital reference checking tool surfaces best-match candidates. You can leverage our opt-in network to access ready-to-go talent. Finally, deep-dive analytics and reporting give you actionable data you can use to improve future hiring endeavors.

2. Prevent unconscious bias

Unconscious bias can derail your efforts to build a high-performing and productive team. If you can get rid of bias in the recruitment process, you can naturally increase diversity across your company, with hires that expand and enhance your company culture.

When you have a more diverse workforce, the result is higher productivity and revenues. Instead of stagnation, you can enjoy an influx of new creativity, breathing fresh, new life into your business and helping you maintain a competitive edge in your industry.

[See Reducing Unconscious Bias in Recruitment with Crosschq 360]

360 Hero (FINAL)

Crosschq 360 is committed to DEIB initiatives. We help eliminate bias in the hiring process by giving you a talent intelligence tool designed to evaluate candidates purely on their skills and abilities. Increasing diversity can increase revenues by up to 19%, so you’ve got literally nothing to lose.

No-more accidental weighing in favor of the college a candidate attended or their ethnic background or gender. Instead, you can hire for the best match between candidate and role, and as a bonus, diversity will follow naturally.

3. Automate core recruitment processes

One of the biggest pitfalls in acquiring top talent is timing. Recruitment has bottlenecks, among them the reference checking process. Many businesses see top candidates fall out of the running while waiting for checks to be completed, simply because they accept another position in the meantime.



Crosschq 360 speeds the reference-checking process and cuts the time needed to verify and rank a candidate by as much as 90%. This can mean an offer gets made much sooner and your odds of getting the candidate you want on your payroll to go way up. It’s reference checking made easy, with automation at every step to streamline and speed the hiring funnel. 

Best of all, with Crosschq you can surface potential candidates for other roles in your organization and build your own network of passive and active talent to tap into in the future. Being able to identify and target key candidate quality indicators helps you make better hiring decisions every time.

4. Integrate with other systems and platforms

Adding new tools can be counterproductive when they don’t mesh with platforms and systems already in place. The best hiring intelligence tools will integrate seamlessly with your existing processes for ease of use and maximized potential.

Crosschq is the perfect fit for many companies that already leverage many common business tools. Our software is integrated with 80% of current ATS platforms and HRIS, making it easy to enhance your use of Greenhouse, Lever, or JazzHR.Partners Hero (wesbite2)

Our partners also include Slack, Oracle, Azure, Workday, and iCIMS as well as dozens of others. If we don’t have a connector to your favorite platform, tool, or app, simply ask us about it.

5. Make candidate comparison easy

If you’ve ever had to dedicate hours upon hours to traditional reference checking and interviewing candidates for a must-fill role, you know how hard it can be to make level comparisons between candidates. 

What you need is a system that lets you compare apples to apples across all candidates. You can rank them based on key measurements for candidate quality, then match the top scores to your open roles to increase your accuracy in hiring. 

The Crosschq quality of hire scorecard is designed to help you do exactly that, by surveying your existing employees and using the data you gain to evaluate your current hiring processes. It’s an easy way to train yourself and your hiring managers to focus on what really matters.

Once you learn to look at candidates through a filter that removes unconscious bias and helps you zero in on skills and other relevant attributes, you’ll get better at comparing candidates for roles you’re filling now, and improve your hiring decisions.

6. Provide actionable reporting

One of the hardest things to do as a company when it comes to talent acquisition is to figure out where you went wrong and where you went right when it comes to quality of hire. Do people who quit your company in their first 90 days have something in common? 

Being able to track new hires through their first six months to a year and beyond and focus on data that speaks to quality of hire can help you identify attributes and red flags that can be used for future recruitment.


Crosschq Analytics is designed to improve your hiring success by giving you access to more than 80 Quality-of-Hire reports, delivering insights into your new hires across a broad range of KPIs. Armed with this information, you can apply the data to new candidates to help you make better informed hiring decisions.

Are your current talent intelligence tools helping your company accomplish these six objectives? If not, it might be time to consider Crosschq. Contact us or request a free demo today.

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