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December Blog Round-Up

December was a great month from Quality of Hire, Recruiting, Candidate Experience, Recruiting Collaboration, Pipeline Management, and more! Here's a recap in case you happened to miss anything or just want a refresh.  Enjoy! 


What is Your Recruiting Conversion Rate Story Telling You?

Knowing how to calculate a recruiting conversion rate (RCR) is the first step toward improving it. See 5 ways to read it plus strategies to recruit top talent.

3 Important Lessons We Learned About Recruitment In 2022

See 3 lessons we learned about recruitment in 2022, which we can carry with us into 2023 and beyond to secure top talent. 

4 Recruiting Automation Predictions for 2023

See four of the most exciting, interesting, and useful developments we can expect to see continue gaining ground in 2023.

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4 Recruiting Benchmarks to Focus on in 2023 and Why They Matter

Without hiring benchmarks, you can’t track progress or identify issues. See 4 recruiting benchmarks to help improve hiring strategies and elevate Quality of Hire in 2023. 

6 Ways an Automated Recruitment Process Can Lighten a Hiring Team’s Workload

Are your recruiters and your hiring managers feeling overworked and underappreciated? See 6 ways an automated recruitment process can lighten their workload.

Why People Leaders Need to Focus On Their Recruiting Conversion Rate

Recruiters are facing more challenges than ever. The recruiting conversion rate is key for people leaders looking for answers on how to improve hiring metrics.


8 Things Job Candidates Will Expect in 2023

In a recruiting landscape where everything hinges on candidate experience, meeting job candidates’ expectations is key to acquiring top talent.


3 Ways Hiring Managers Can Empower Recruiters in 2023

A good hiring manager and recruiter relationship is key to recruiting top talent. See 3 ways hiring managers can help empower and motivate their recruiters.


Top 6 Recruiting Pipeline Metrics to Track in 2023

See what recruiting pipeline metrics to track in 2023 and why they matter: Pass-through rates, Time to Fill, Quality of Hire, Candidate Experience, and more!

The Recruitment Pipeline From The Candidate's Point Of View

 When it comes to recruitment, visibility into the hiring funnel is critical for recruiters and hiring managers. See 3 key areas from the candidate’s point of view.

7 Ways to Build a Modern Candidate Engagement Model

Building a modern candidate engagement model is critical to perfecting the candidate experience and recruiting. See 7 ways to build the perfect candidate model. 

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Fix Your Drop-Off Rate in 4 Easy Steps with Candidate Engagement

Are you struggling with unwanted candidate drop-offs at key touchpoints in your hiring funnel? See how candidate engagement can fix your drop rate in 4 easy steps.

What Makes a Good Hiring Funnel Great? A Cheat Sheet for Recruiters

There’s a difference between a good and a great hiring funnel that affects Quality of Hire and the number of candidates you hire. This cheat sheet lists 4 stages to turn your funnel from good to great.


How DEIB Metrics are Supported by Quality of Hire

Making DEIB a core value to attract and recruit top talent. See 4 benefits of a diverse workforce and how DEIB metrics are impacted by Quality of Hire.


HR People LeadHER Spotlight: Anna-Marie Gutierrez-Lee

As a LatinX female leader, everything she does is through a diversity lens, see what else makes Anna-Marie Gutierrez-Lee, Director of Talent Acquisition of Mezmo so special.  


Do you have the right data to win the hiring battle?

Crosschq Talent Intelligence Fast Track Series #1 defines Talent Intelligence and you'll learn how it helps you predict Quality of Hire in order to recruit top talent. 

The Talent Intelligence Maturity Curve: Where do you sit?

Crosschq Talent Intelligence Fast Track Series #2 explains the Talent Intelligence Maturity Curve and maps out the path for strategic HR leaders to use the right data and tools to connect hiring decisions to job performance and predict Quality of Hire. 

How-to Guide for Better Talent Analytics

Crosschq Talent Intelligence Fast Track Series #3: Are you effective at using data to drive talent decisions? See 6 key metrics to improve your hiring efforts. 

Unlocking a New Super Power: Predicting Quality of Hire

Crosschq Talent Intelligence Fast Track #4: Hiring decisions are linked to job performance. See 5 BIG insights to help predict Quality of Hire to recruit better. 

Empowering You: How to Get a Seat at the Table

Crosschq Talent Intelligence Fast Track #5: Addresses HR leadership challenges. See 3 tips to help deliver impactful results and secure a seat at the table.

From Operational to Transformational in 4 Easy Steps

Crosschq Talent Intelligence Fast Track #6: Gives 4 actionable ways to move up the Talent Intelligence Data Model, Reference Checks, Analytics, Data Integrations, and Pipeline Visualizations.


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