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Future-proof Recruiting: How To Upgrade Your Recruiter Skills

Recruiting is a critical aspect of every business. A good recruiter will help you grow your business with top industry talent that is well suited to your company's mission and culture. Recruiters face many challenges in any hiring market, so it is important to keep your recruiter skills honed and updated with the latest automation, data tracking, and information-gathering technology. 

Successful recruiting teams are constantly reviewing and updating their skills to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of talent acquisition. With the right tools, you can advance the skills of your recruiters to match evolving technology in order to attract top talent in your industry. 

Upgrade your recruiter skills by using cutting-edge recruiting technology to automate mundane tasks, parse information, reduce inherent bias, and meet retention goals. 

Improve Your Recruiting Skills By Automating Wisely

Automation is the wave of the future when it comes to recruiting and hiring top talent – and for good reason. When you use automated systems for time-consuming and mundane tasks, like scoring tests and sorting through resumes, your team has more time to focus on connecting with quality candidates.  

It’s key to find the right automation so your recruiters can improve their technical and data analysis skills while simultaneously funneling high-quality talent into the organization.

Be sure to select your automated systems with care. While it may be tempting to use any automation solution to perform these tasks, an unsophisticated automation system may miss quality candidates or overlook important data.

Instead, choose a high-quality recruiting system like Crosschq Recruit, which is specifically designed to be tailored to the needs of your business. Using the latest AI technology, Recruit's dynamic system conducts a thorough analysis of your company's needs in order to ensure that you have the best candidates available.

Become Data Savvy to Future-Proof Your Recruiting Skills

As recruiting data technology continues to advance, more and more teams are incorporating high-end data analysis into their operations. For recruiters, that means honing their data analysis skills.

By collecting and analyzing pertinent data on both potential and current employees, recruiters can pinpoint issues, as well as opportunities, that affect recruitment and retention.

For example, by using the analytics of current employees, you can use what you know about your superstars and underperformers, and then apply that towards your recruitment efforts which will save you time and effort when sourcing new talent.

When using this data, you can modify recruiting and hiring processes in order to ensure that you attract the best possible candidates for the organization. 

The ability to build recruiter data analysis skills depends heavily on high-quality data collection and analysis systems. Using state-of-the-art data technology, Crosschq Analytics helps you obtain and analyze data that is specific to your operation, ensuring that your recruiters get pertinent information tailored to your business. 

With the right collection and analysis tools, your recruiters can improve their data analysis skills, thereby enhancing your ability to compete for quality candidates. 

 improving recruiter skills

Bias-Proof Your Recruiting Workflow

Unconscious bias is present in everyone's decisions, and recruiters are not immune. No matter how many informational workshops or books you read, inherent bias is simply unavoidable. 

Bias can cause recruiters to overlook quality candidates due to education, background, gender, age, and race, among other things.

To avoid missing good potential hires due to unconscious bias, incorporate automated systems that will bias-proof the selection process. Improve your recruiter skills with sophisticated data analysis and filtering that will remove unconscious bias from the equation and improve the diversity, equity, and inclusion of your workplace.

Advanced reference checking technology like Crosschq 360 enhances your recruiting team's ability to find the best quality candidates for the job, without the intrusion of unconscious bias. 

Instead of focusing on removing bias from each individual's subconscious, Crosschq 360 improves your recruiters' digital and data analysis skills so that they can obtain candidate information bias-free.

Not only will bias-proofing your workflow ensure that you get the best candidates for the job, but it will also help to diversify your workforce for a more inclusive and productive workplace.

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Know Your Recruiting ROI

While the most visible part of recruiting is the front-end processes, from posting job ads to collecting resumes and analyzing test scores, recruiters are also responsible for employee retention.

A candidate who seems like a good fit on paper may only last a few months. Since hiring and training take a significant investment of time and resources, that kind of quick turnover can be costly. 

Strangely, although recruiters are often held responsible for candidate retention, they rarely have access to the data they need to analyze the amount of turnover and its financial impact on the company. 

For more effective recruitment and retention, ensure that your recruiters have the skills and data to determine the return on investment (ROI) for each new hire. 

Using tailored data analysis and targeted metrics through Crosschq Analytics, your recruiting team can determine how much it costs to train new employees with different levels of experience. They can then cross-check this information against turnover data in order to determine the best candidates. 

For example, you may choose to hire a less experienced employee who is more likely to stay for the long term, rather than hiring an employee who has more experience but is unlikely to remain with the company for more than a year. 

When your recruiting team has the skills necessary to determine the ROI for new candidates, they can focus on the common goal of finding new employees who will provide a greater return. What's more, your recruiters, hiring managers, and upper management can obtain the same data, so everyone shares a common goal. 

Establish Common Goals 

Communication skills are at the heart of a successful recruiting team. Recruiters must communicate clearly and persuasively in writing, over the phone, and in-person in order to draw in desirable candidates. 

While the focus on good communication tends to radiate outward, recruiters and their companies can benefit from improving their internal communication skills, as well.

When working in a traditional HR setting, it is easy for recruiters, hiring managers, and C-suite managers to silo their responsibilities. This in turn narrows the focus of each department and can result in miscommunication and inefficient hiring processes. 

For example, while your recruiters focus on getting people into interviews as quickly as possible, hiring managers may focus more on candidate quality, while C-suite executives are analyzing the employee ROI. 

Over time, lack of communication between these divisions can lead to frustration, a poor work environment, recruiter burnout, and high turnover. 

Establishing common goals between recruiters and other departments within your organization can help to streamline communication and ensure that everyone is aimed at the same target. 

Crosschq Analytics provides everyone with the same data on accessible dashboards, so everyone in the hiring process knows what is happening every step of the way. Not only does it keep everyone in the loop, but Analytics also helps recruiters enhance their communication skills in order to reach other departments in ways that they will understand. 

This big picture approach helps the organization to modify its recruitment, hiring, and retention policies to ensure optimal return on investment.

Focus on Adaptability of Your Recruiting Skills

In an increasingly tech-oriented world, successful recruitment depends on learning new skills and adapting to the latest technology. For recruiters, that means finding ways to incorporate data analysis and automation into your daily tasks. 

Take the time to consider your team's overall approach to recruitment. Where are there bottlenecks? What contributes to turnover? What takes up the most time? Then, use technology to help streamline your process for more efficient and cost-effective recruitment strategies. 

Incorporating state-of-the-art tools such as Crosschq's Recruit, 360, and Analytics solutions allow your organization to shift from static, siloed thinking to a more flexible approach. 

Adaptability in recruiter workflow allows you to modify strategies quickly to meet the needs of the organization in the face of market fluctuations and internal changes. 

Keep your recruiters ahead of the game by focusing on these adaptation skills. By providing your team with the data and analytics they need, you create resilient recruiters who can pivot to stay ahead of the competition in even the most challenging markets. 

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Future-Proof Your Recruiting Methods With Crosschq AI Technology

The recruiting and hiring industry is always evolving and changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date to make the technology work for you. 

Improve your company's adaptability by incorporating Crosschq data analytics software and AI technology into your recruitment processes. Keep your recruiter skills fresh by automating repetitive tasks, enhancing data collection and analysis, improving internal communication, and facilitating a resilient culture.

When you work with Crosschq, you gain access to candidate profiles, employee screening, and comprehensive data analytics that simplify the recruitment process.

Our cutting-edge Crosschq 360 talent acquisition software, Recruit candidate referral network for sourcing, and data-driven Analytics will allow your recruiters to improve their data analysis, communication, and adaptability, so you can rest assured that your team will remain competitive in even the most challenging hiring markets.

To learn how Crosschq's data analytics and AI technology can help you upgrade your recruiter skills, contact us today to schedule a demo.

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