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4 Ways Crosschq is Changing How the Hiring Funnel Works

For quite a few years now, hiring funnels have been wide open and crammed at the top, with hundreds of candidates clamoring for every job opening. So many fish in the sea meant that recruiters and hiring managers faced a very real problem of how to winnow the field, getting the number of applicants down to a manageable number.

This led to the earliest forms of automation in the hiring funnel, to reduce the candidate pool arbitrarily. However, the drawbacks to this approach are many. Without a strategic approach to control candidate drop off, the hiring funnel is subject to:

  • Loss of good candidates who don’t finish an arduous application process
  • Loss of good candidates who refuse to spend hours doing pre-hire assessments
  • Loss of good candidates who assume they’ve been ghosted and abandon the process
  • Loss of good candidates who receive another offer while waiting for an interview 

With fewer candidates than jobs by a 1:2 margin, recruitment teams are struggling to fill seats, which can lead to further laxity in the hiring process - but cutting corners is a mistake. Hiring the wrong person can be very expensive, and you’ll only end up right back where you were, sifting through the talent pool and trying to find another candidate. 

Making Quality of Hire a Priority

Quality of Hire is now the main metric that should be used to surface top talent and make hiring decisions. By focusing on what makes an employee a perfect match for the role, you can decrease the chances of making a bad hire, improve performance and retention, and even increase company revenues.

Shifting to a Quality of Hire approach means revamping your hiring funnel. The old ways of doing things won’t give you the end results you need. So toss your former recruitment playbook, and find out how Crosschq can help you improve your hiring practices and attract candidates with Quality of Hire attributes.

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4 Ways Crosschq Is Improving the Hiring Funnel

Crosschq is making it easier than ever for recruiting teams to manage their hiring funnel and surface top talent. With Crosschq, you can:

Streamline and speed the application process

Don’t make candidates jump through a million hoops just to get their resume in front of the hiring manager. Instead, make it easy to apply. Use mobile apps or chatbots to help applicants complete the preliminary processes quickly, and text messaging to guide and acknowledge their efforts. Crosschq Recruit can also make applying easier, acting as an automatic referral network: once in the talent pool, candidates are easily visible to employers and recruiters.

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Find better ways to assess candidate fit

Quality of Hire isn’t something you can predict with any accuracy using pre-hire assessment scores. However, when you use Crosschq 360 to transform reference checking into a full-bodied candidate checking process, you can gain quality insights into each candidate and measure their fit for the role compared to other candidates.

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Stay in constant communication with candidates

TalentWall™ by Crosschq makes it easier to track top candidates and see where they are in the hiring funnel. Recruiters and hiring managers can see at a glance who needs a quick contact to keep them engaged and in the queue.


Leverage interviewing strategies for better outcomes

There are two pitfalls when interviewing:

  • Slow time-to-interview, leaving the door open for candidates to accept offers from a competitor  
  • Poor interview tactics that allow unconscious bias to negatively impact the hiring decision

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Using scheduling tools to get top talent into an interview fast is one step. Using Crosschq Analytics to build profiles of employees who display top Quality of Hire attributes and using them to match candidates with jobs is another. 

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Stop using outdated tactics that are designed to fill seats and not much more. Instead, reimagine your hiring funnel to attract and hire great candidates that will bring your organization’s overall Quality of Hire up.


You can use the Crosschq Quality of Hire Scorecard to measure Quality of Hire among existing employees and create a benchmark to measure candidates and new hires. Knowing where you stand when it comes to candidate potential and employee performance can help you take your organization to the next level.

Embracing the future of recruitment is the best way to ensure you’re hiring the right people and future-proofing your workforce. Ready to move forward with a new and improved hiring funnel?  Book 1:1 time with one of our team experts so they can create a customized plan that’s right for your hiring needs. 

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