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Battling The Great Resignation? Crosschq Wants to Help.

Want to know how to recruit and retain better? Crosschq shares how with San Francisco Business Times reporter Sara Bloomberg.

The great generational shift within venture capital

Crosschq expands Series A Financing to $30 Million


Series A


Top of the Morning

Crosschq nearly doubles its original Series A financing

Series A

Crosschq Brings on Data Scientist to Expand Quality of Hire Analytics and Business Outcomes

Econometrician Joshua Ruf to Refine Data Collection, Develop Machine Learning, and Design Predictive AI Algorithms for Candidate Assessment.

People & Culture

AI vs HI: Balancing Automation & Human Judgement in Talent Acquisition

AI vs. Human Intelligence in recruitment and hiring


Talent Acquisition

Human Intelligence



Before it Happened with Donna Michaels

Crosschq Co-Founder Mike Fitzsimmons shares how the company is revolutionizing the art of hiring by putting the human factor back into HR

Talent Acquisition

Human Factor

Mike Fitzsimmons

Human Resources

Crosschq Hires New Head of Marketing to Support Rapid Growth

Former Zendesk, Glassdoor, Checkster Exec, Katherine Johnson to Drive Crosschq’s Go-to-Market and Growth Marketing Efforts

People & Culture

For these LA companies, it’s time to scale

Crosschq customer FloQast shares how Crosschq automated their reference checks and helped them leaned into allowing technology to unlock new capabilities

Reference Check


Talent Acquisition

Case Study

customer success