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The Future of HR Technology is Quality of Hire: Insights from HRTech 2023, Madeline Laurano, and Josh Bersin

The HR Technology Conference was held in Las Vegas this year, running from October 10 to October 13th. Madeline Laurano, founder and chief analyst of Aptitude Research, had an excellent recap from the Conference plus key insights for the future of HRTech.

The Path Forward Is Slow But Certain

One of the biggest takeaways Madeline focuses on in her  article is what she refers to as “the gradual, deliberate construction of what lies ahead.” There’s no fast, overwhelming upending of the recruitment process; rather a realignment of how things are done when it comes to building a productive, future-proof workforce.

The pandemic slimmed down workforces to skeleton crews, dismissed forever the myth that "work-from-home" equals "non-productive", and altered the perception of what "Quality of Hire" really means. 

With changes in roles, an emphasis on DEIB, and a more clued-in focus on candidate, recruiter, and employee experience, there's a lot for HR professionals to keep up with.

Josh Bersin notes, 

"More than 80% of HR teams and professionals are simply overwhelmed by the change... The companies that learn to adapt and evolve into this model are outperforming their peers: they are four-times more likely to be best-places to work, three-times more likely to be category leaders in their industry, and four-times more likely to be revenue growth and profit leaders in their market."

Bersin says the future of HR won’t be a model, but an evolution - one that recognizes workers as humans and values their worth accordingly. 

AI and Automation Have Their Own Roles to Play

With AI and automation pushing into every industry, including recruitment, it’s critical to remember that these are only tools designed to let humans concentrate on the human side of their roles.

Madeline touched on the domination of AI and automation at HRTech in her recap, saying:

“...companies must become champions of change to thrive in the coming year. Companies must embrace transformation, maintain agility, strategize responses, and harness the power of data and insights to chart the right course forward. Embracing AI and leveraging a skills-based approach are non-negotiable… making informed, equitable, and intelligent decisions using accurate data.” 

Finally, she touches on Quality of Hire, with a mention of Crosschq as a vendor capable of supporting companies on their journey (slightly paraphrased for clarity):

“Quality of Hire is the holy grail of talent acquisition. Every company wants it, but only some know how to measure and improve it… [Crosschq] understands that Quality of Hire starts with quality data.”

We couldn’t agree more. And right now, with companies starting to rebuild their workforces, there’s a perfect opportunity to shift focus and do things right this time. 

But with HR leaders overwhelmed by change, as Bersin pointed out, where do you start?

It’s Really All About Quality of Hire 

Everything comes back to Quality of Hire. Here’s a few of our recent articles that cover these pillar topics:

All other metrics dim before QOH. Here’s why.

Why should you worry about / focus on / track Quality of Hire?

Quality of Hire has an impact on everything. A recent report from Aptitude Research found that companies that align recruitment and retention goals see:

  • 2X improvement in retention
  • 2X improvement in quality of hire
  • 3X improvement in productivity

The report also highlighted 182% ROI realization - crushing the outdated concept that HR is a cost center. We’ve come to the same conclusion: when you make Quality of Hire your focus, revenues go through the roof.

Financial Impact of QoH-1

That’s the why. What about the how?

Haven’t started? Confused about the Quality of Hire journey?

Don’t worry if you’re new to putting Quality of Hire front and center and aren’t sure where to start. 

Start here: Crosschq’s Definitive Guide to Quality of Hire
This free download covers everything from definition to formula to benchmarks and more. 

Ready to level-up and really dive into the details? We’ve alsocreated a complete 5-part Quality of Hire Fast Track series designed to walk you through all of the steps to tracking and improving Quality of Hire:

  1. 5 Game-Changing Insights Into Quality of Hire
  2. How to Calculate Quality of Hire in 4 Easy Steps
  3. Taking Action to Reap the Benefits of Quality of Hire
  4. Ignoring Quality of Hire: What Could Go Wrong? 
  5. Quality of Hire Metrics & Trends to Track

If you find these are a bit bigger bite than you’re ready to chew, try baby steps instead. Crosschq's latest version of Quality of Hire Analytics makes it easier than ever to get started, and gives you all of the following in just a few clicks:

  • Pulls employee metadata straight from your existing ATS
  • Adds tenure/retention data from automated Voice survey campaigns
  • Delivers easy to view, understand, share, and act on reports

Once you’ve gotten started with Quality of Hire, you’re ready for the next step: implementing what you’ve learned into an outcomes-based skills and competencies hiring framework that helps you hire the best person for the job, every time.

Madeline commented on specific challenges facing companies that need to focus on skills development. Lack of clarity, lack of ownership, and confusion around how new technologies fit in can put a wrench in the works. Tools that help surface and highlight candidate skills and competencies are critical to hiring success.

Introducing Crosschq 360: Quality of Hire Data in Action

Crosschq 360 Pre-Hire Data Solution turns a dull, time-sink of an endeavor that mostly consists of checking off boxes into a dynamic, data-gathering mission that gives you the insider information you need to compare candidates on an even playing field. Enjoy:

  • 1,2,3, level ease of implementation
  • All your pre-hire data in one place
  • Hiring based on skills and competencies 
  • Apples to apples comparison via candidate reports 
  • A process that eliminates unconscious bias
  • Tracking to support improved QoH
  • Increased retention
  • Reduced time-to-hire
  • Improved ROI
  • Lowered cost-of-hire
  • Enhanced candidate experience

It’s a slam dunk. 360 Reports inform your interviewers, give your managers personalized candidate and new-hire dossiers, and deliver visual, easy to share reports that are ready for the C-suite.

What’s next?

Subscribe to our emails to make sure you are the first to get our quarterly Q Report: these deep dives into Quality of Hire contain shocking insights, such as the fact that agencies may be your riskiest source of hire.

Quality of Hire is here to stay - influencers and research experts like Madeline, and events like HRTech are making that clear. Are you ready for 2024? All you need is a few tools and a nudge in the right direction to get started. Crosschq is here for you every step of the way to get you where you need to be. 

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