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4 Ways Crosschq Helps Make Data Make Sense

When it comes to talent acquisition, all of the data and technology available can sometimes seem overwhelming if you’re a recruiter or hiring manager. At Crosschq, we’ve focused on making both tech and data more accessible and valuable to recruitment professionals.


You don't have to be an IT specialist to use recruitment technologies. If you’re using an applicant tracking system (ATS), you’re already on board the technology train. Likewise, you don’t have to be a data scientist to leverage data in recruitment and hiring decisions.



Crosschq 360 helps you make data-driven hiring choices by stripping away unconscious bias that can threaten the integrity of the recruitment process. Candidates can be checked against their own evaluation of a pre-set range of attributes and skills and against their mentors’ and peers’ evaluations. The resulting 360 scores can be compared to other candidates’ scores to help drive better candidate selections and improve Quality of Hire.


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Crosschq Recruit takes pre-checked candidates from both active and passive sources and brings them together to form a talent pool of highly qualified candidates. When you’re striving for both speed-to-hire and Quality of Hire, Recruit makes it easier to achieve both goals and fill seats with top talent without making the hiring mistakes 30% of companies say are common when rushing to hire.




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Crosschq TalentWall overlays your ATS, breaking down all of the data on your candidates and making it easy to digest. You can view how hiring is going by candidate, recruiter, role, or department, and identify bottlenecks before high-value candidates get discouraged and self-select out of the recruitment process. Crosschq TalentWall also lets you drill down into individual data points as needed without getting overwhelmed.

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Crosschq Analytics uncovers patterns that hold the secrets to what makes a good hire. From employee engagement and satisfaction to tenure and productivity, Crosschq Analytics can help you improve your candidate sourcing and nurturing processes, delivering better candidates in each successive round of hiring. There are over 80 different reports available to help you refine hiring techniques.




The main advantage of all of the tools in the Crosschq Talent Intelligence Cloud™ is that they are intuitive and easy to use. Even recruitment professionals who think they don’t know anything about data and are intimidated by recruitment technology can find out that they know more than they thought, and that leveraging data for hiring is easier than they imagined.


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