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Crosschq, Head of Data

Crosschq vs Business Intelligence Tools: Why You Need Hiring Intelligence Too

Business Intelligence (BI) tools can provide complex reporting, but don't necessarily offer impactful TA reporting capabilities and insights available in a Hiring Intelligence tool like Crosschq.

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Memories for a Lifetime. 4X Champs Warriors Come Home to Celebrate their Underdog Victory and I Took my Son to Watch

Not expected to win, San Francisco Warriors beat all odds to win their fourth NBA Championship and celebrate at home with an All-Star Parade.

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Crosschq Data Labs: Can Pre-Hire Candidate Assessments Predict Post-Hire Performance?

Fresh from Crosschq Data Labs, here is a look at some of the insights our lab has collected about pre-hire assessments and why you shouldn't skip pre-hire processes.

Talent Intelligence

Crosschq Data Labs: A Deeper Dive Into Candidates’ References

At Crosschq Data Labs we work hard to identify data trends, this month we take a closer look at reference checking which is a vital part of the recruitment process.

Crosschq Data Labs

Building a Modern Compensation Plan with Crosschq

One of the best ways to attract talent to your organization is through competitive compensation plans. Here are 4 tips for establishing a dynamic plan.

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What Is Quality of Hire and Why Does It Matter?

Quality of Hire is one of the most critical metrics for recruiting and retaining talent. Included: definition, formula, and why it matters for your company's success.


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5 Key Recruitment Metrics for Successful Hiring

Key recruitment metrics you should be using. Learn about the 5 key recruitment metrics your company should be using.

Recruiting Metrics

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5 Methods for Talent Measurement

How do you measure employee talent? Learn how you can use, metrics, assessments, and more to measure employee talent