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December Blog Round-Up

December was a great month from Quality of Hire, Recruiting, Candidate Experience, Recruiting Collaboration, Pipeline Management, and more! Here's a..

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HR People LeadHER Spotlight: Anna-Marie Gutierrez-Lee

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3 Important Lessons We Learned About Recruitment In 2022

2022 was the year of the Great Refresh. On the heels of the mass resignations hitting the country, there were expectations for mass unemployment..


Crosschq Visits Colorado Springs!

Working remotely definitely has its advantages. Not only can you roll out of bed straight into your office each day, cutting out the stress of a long..

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The Dangers of Downsizing Without Considering Quality of Hire

It seems like you everywhere you turn you can’t escape hearing the unfortunate news of another company layoff. Recently Meta laid off 13% of its staff


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Why New Hires Leave: The Importance of Quality of Hire in Recruitment

One in five new hires quit within 45 days of starting a new role, and this percentage jumps to one in three by the six-month mark after hire. Why do..

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What's the Science Behind Quality of Hire? - 5 Radical Insights from The Crosschq Q (Quality of Hire) Report

It’s been an exciting week at Crosschq—we released our inaugural Quality of Hire report from the Crosschq Data Labs!

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Crosschq Senior Manager, Maddie Schiess, Named 2022 Marketing Brew Go-Getter Winner!

It was hot off the press Wednesday morning when the news was announced that one of our own, Maddie Schiess, Senior Manager of Community was a WINNER..

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