Important Reference Check Question: Ways to Improve Performance

Asking the right reference check question isn’t always an easy task, especially if your goal is to improve performance and increase your quality of..

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Traditional vs 360 Digital Reference Checks | Crosschq

Are you tired to death of struggling through painstaking and time consuming traditional reference checks? Do you think in your heart of hearts there..

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Talent Acquisition


Why You Should Stop Checking References and Start Checking Candidates Instead

5 Steps to Better Candidate Insights That Will Boost Your Quality of Hire

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Talent Acquisition Automation

Coding Skills Assessment

Whether you’re hiring a web developer, software engineer, data analyst, network administrator, or another tech-focused role, there’s a good chance..

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Quality of Hire

Soft Skills Assessment

Performing the technical skills associated with a role will only get you so far in a dynamic and team-oriented position that requires strong..

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Communication Skills Survey

Believe it or not, poor communication can cost companies up to $10,000 per employee, per year. Your employees will waste more time, make more..

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Critical Thinking Skills Assessment

90 percent of recruiters reported that bad hires don’t work out because the candidate lacks the right soft skills, and critical thinking and..

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How to Conduct a Skill Survey During Recruiting?

One of the important ways to assess new candidates and enable the growth of current employees is through skill surveys. Skills surveys allow your..

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