Time Management Skills Assessment

A time management skills assessment is a pre-hire test designed to evaluate how well candidates manage time, hit deadlines, prioritize important tasks, and navigate the varying responsibilities that come with demanding roles.

Candidate Assessments

Important Reference Check Question: Ways to Improve Performance

Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to ask the right reference check questions to improve performance, retention, quality of hire, and more. 

Reference Check

Traditional vs 360 Digital Reference Checks | Crosschq

Traditional reference checks are an antiquated practice that should be replaced with digital reference checks. Here's why.

Reference Check

Talent Acquisition


Practical Guide to Candidate Experience NPS

Use this practical guide to a better candidate experience and higher candidate net promoter scores (NPS).

Talent Acquisition


Candidate Experience

Hiring New Nurses: A Complete Guide

So let’s discuss a few best practices for hiring new Nurses that will help your organization to build and maintain a Nursing team to be proud of. 

Hiring Technology

Recruiting Automation

Talent Acquisition Analytics: A Complete Guide

The complete guide on talent acquisition analytics. Learn everything you need to know about talent acquisition analytics.

Recruiting Metrics

Digital Skills Assessment

Digital skills assessments are competency tests or references that measure candidates’ proficiencies with digital tools, technologies, and basic computer skills.

Candidate Assessments

Employee Skills Assessment

Employee skills assessments are used to measure and test the suitability, skill level, and fit between a candidate and an open position.

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