Win Friends and Influence the CFO: How to present the value of HR in terms your CFO can get behind

Talent Acquisition, recruitment, and HR are often viewed as a cost center rather than as a profit center. This can cause friction between TA, HR, and..

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Leadership Skills Assessment

According to a 2021 Global Leader Forecast, 77% of organizations said that they’re currently experiencing a leadership gap, and 58% of managers said..

Quality of Hire

Quality of Fire: The When, Why, How, and Who of Letting People Go

Quality of Hire is the priority for most companies currently, and is hailed as the top metric to watch for success. However, when employees must be..

Quality of Hire

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How to Conduct a Skill Survey During Recruiting?

One of the important ways to assess new candidates and enable the growth of current employees is through skill surveys. Skills surveys allow your..

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Sales Manager Skills

Customers are opting for better buying experiences with more communication channels, personalization, and contextualized engagement. In fact, nearly ..

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How to Use Quality of Hire to Drive Better Business Outcomes

Quality of Hire (QoH) is far more than an important hiring metric. If you believe that your company is only as good as its people, QoH becomes an..

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Spillin' the tea with Alison Kaizer

Welcome to another segment of Spillin' the Tea, where we sit down with a member from our Tea on Talent community, Crosschq's exclusive user community!

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New Hire Recruiting Survey

New hire recruiting surveys have become a standard form of employee surveys in the past few years. The process of recruitment does not end with..

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